Saturday, December 08, 2012

Houdini Night Slated for January 9th Meeting

     Members of Ring 50 will be presenting magic from the Houdini era. Houdini had an amazing talent he also devoted himself to the magic. Harry Houdini was a master of escapes whose name still resonates today. One of the things that made Houdini stand out was his showmanship. Houdini wowed audiences with his deft escapes from handcuffs and other kinds of personal shackles and restraints.
     If you would like to perform effects that may be related to Houdini magic, please contact President Danny Selnick at email ( to get on the list as a performer.
      You don't have to do only could be with any theme dealing with Houdini ... cards, tricks, ropes etc... Get creative and have fun...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ring 50 Presents Children's Holiday Magic Show

Wednesday, December 5th at 7:00 PM at the Bishop Ireton High School, 201 Cambridge Road, Alexandria, VA there will be a "Children's Holiday Magic Show" sponsored by I.B.M. Ring 50 featuring four of Washington's finest children's magicians. We expect 100 children or more and their parents. Admittance is FREE -- with donation of toy (preferred) or can of food for the Alexandria Citadel of The Salvation Army. The Holiday show starts at 7:00 PM. Be sure to bring the kids and see a great Holiday show compliments of Ring 50 and Bishop Ireton High School! This will be in lieu of our regular meeting in December.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Simon Lovell to Lecture at the November 7th Meeting

    Our Wednesday November 7th meeting at 7:30 PM will feature a lecture by Simon Lovell an English comedy magician, card shark, actor, and con man. His trademark pieces are finding an audience member's card in his mouth and a humorous straitjacket escape. He is considered to be one of the world's top sleight of hand masters! Simon's live engagements have received wide acclaim. Simon's performed all over the world, from the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood to the London Palladium, through the Middle and Far East to Australia and South America. Whatever the group, he has never failed to please them!  Free for Ring 50 members and all other magicians are welcome to attend for a $15 fee.

    Ring 50 meets at the Bishop Ireton High School, 201 Cambridge Rd, Alexandria, VA.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dick Christian Mentalism Night October 3rd

In honor of the late Dick Christian we will have a special program featuring mentalism for the October 3rd meeting at 7:30PM. Dick Christian the Magician died November 8, 2011. He wanted to make everyone happy with his magic. He made us better magicians. We should all be thankful that we were given the chance to have known a man named Dick Christian. The mentalists signed on to perform so far are: Augie Arnstein, Bob Carnathan, Stan Hillard, Danny Selnick, Arnold Fuoco, and Rucj Uffelman.

Ring 50 meets at the Bishop Ireton High School, 201 Cambridge Rd, Alexandria, VA.

Magic Flea Market October 3rd

Ring 50 is planning a Magic Flea Market prior to the October 3rd meeting. The Market will be open from 6:00PM to 7:00PM. It’s time to clean out the attic, garage, closet, and other storage areas for the Magic Flea Market Sale. Let’s clean it up and drag it out. Everyone interested start now and get your treasures ready for the big sale. Those wishing to sell some of your used or new magic items at the flea market may purchase a table space for $20. Sellers must let Danny Selnick or Bob Patterson know ahead of time so can insure there is space for them. Bring your own table cover if you need one. The flea market will be held in the Bishop Ireton High School cafeteria.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Ring 50 Teach-In Scheduled for September 5th Meeting

The WEDNESDAY September 5th Ring 50 meeting will be held at Bishop Ireton High School at 7:30 PM. The Ring 50 ‘Stars of Magic’ Teach-in is shaping up for an educational evening to enhance our Art of Magic.
  The lecturers may present a bit of related magic history, techniques, and then teach a trick or two. Each lecture will last about 30 minutes. Members will choose three of four lectures to attend.
  Here’s the line-up for the September 5th Teach-in: Buddy Smith, the master of coins will teach some coin routines. Arnold Fuoco will teach us about Close-up Vanishes and Productions. Dwight Redman will teach incredible Self-working Card Tricks. Stan Hilliard teaching rope tricks and techniques.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Joshua Jay to Lecture at Ring 50 - Aug 2

Joshua Jay has been called magic’s Renaissance man by MAGIC Magazine. It’s not hard to see why: he is a performer, lecturer, author, and photographer of all things mysterious.
His performance style is completely unique: he performs with ordinary, borrowed objects, causing them to twist, bend, appear, and vanish at will. At only seventeen years old Joshua Jay was crowned world champion for close-up magic at the World Magic Seminar, and he is now regarded as one of the leading creative forces in the magic world.
Joshua does plenty of things that will make you reconsider what you think you know. His main performance style is close-up. Coins, bottles, and borrowed hundred-dollar bills, defying expectations in countless ways. But his passion is cards. (“I’m up to two packs a day,” he says.) Not your uncle’s card tricks, mind you. These are head-turning, jaw-dropping pieces of strange that have garnered Joshua international renown as a card magician extraordinaire.
The lecture will be held at Agudas Achim Congregation, 2908 Valley Drive, Alexandria VA 22302. At 7:30 PM THURSDAY, August 2, 2012.
The lecture is FREE to paid up members of Ring 50. All other magicians and guests must pay $15 at the door.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Ring 50 President Announces New Meeting Place at May 2nd Meeting

President Danny Selnick opened the meeting with 46 members and guests in attendance. He announced our new meeting place for the June 7th and August 2nd meetings: Agudas Achim Congregation, 2908 Valley Drive, Alexandria VA 22302. New meeting times: THURSDAY. Meeting times are: Counts of Conjuring: 6:15 pm, Teach-in (When Scheduled) 7:05, Regular meeting 7:30 pm, Adjourn 9:30 PM.
New members Linda Barrett and Alec Negri were voted into Ring 50. After other announcements were made, and without further adieu Vice President Kevin McGuire introduced our lecturer for the evening, Geoff Williams.

Geoff Williams Lecture

Geoff Williams presented a lecture to Ring 50 members and guests. Geoff is a full time comedy magic entertainer who is known for cutting edge sleight of hand illusions mixed with an offbeat, zany sense of humor. He covered techniques and ideas for “Sausage Finger Illusion”, Electrical Artlet”, “Miracle Coin Vanish”, “I Hate David Copperfield” Trick, “Kewpie”, “Devastation”, and the popular “Everything's a Radio”. Overall this was a very good lecture and Geoff was an excellent very personal presenter and everyone enjoyed all the effects that he presented.

Ring 50 Officers Elected

The nominations were read by Larry Lipman for the available offices of Ring 50. The nominations were: President, Danny Selnick; Vice President, Kevin McGuire; Treasurer, Bob Patterson; Secretary, Wayne Spillner; Sgt at Arms, Scott McDonald. Board of Directors: Senior Director Louis Meyer; Former Ring President, Arnie Fuoco; Director at Large: Arnold Levin. There were no other nominations from the floor. Members of Ring 50 unanimously voted upon the Magic Slate for the 2012-2013 session. The new officers will be inducted into office by the Territorial Vice President, Dwight Redman, at the June 7th meeting.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

New Meeting Place, Day and Time!

I.B.M. Ring 50 is excited to announce our new meeting place, day and time!

Starting with the THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 6, 2012 meeting, we will meet on the first THURSDAY of each month (except July) at the

Bishop Ireton High School

Our NEW agenda is as follows:

6:15 p.m. Counts of Conjuring (Magic Youth International)
7: 05 p.m. Teach-in
7:30 p.m. Meeting starts
9:30 p.m. Meeting ends

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Ring 50 Officers 2012-2013

Congratulations to our new 2012 - 2013 officers!

Danny Selnick

Vice President
Kevin McGuire

Wayne Spillner

Bob Patterson
(703) 490-1222

Scott McDonald

Theo Rushin, Jr.

Magi-Gram Editor
Bob Patterson
(703) 490-1222

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Geoff Williams to Lecture at Ring 50

Geoff Williams will present a lecture on May 2nd for Ring 50. Geoff is a 3 time “Magician of the year” winner awarded by the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He has won over two dozen comedy and magic awards over his 26 year career. He has performed in over 17 countries and throughout most of the U.S.; he has even written for “The Late Show with David Letterman” and frequently performs at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Geoff is a full time comedy magic entertainer known for outrageous, family-friendly comedy mixed with a heavy dose of hard-hitting magic.
The Lecture will be held at “ChildTime Magic Party Place” located in Vienna VA. The address is 312 Dominion Rd. NE, Vienna, VA 22180.
The lecture is free to paid-up Ring 50 members, All other magicians $15 at the door.

Magi-Whirl 2012 Loaded with Education and Fun!

“The best little convention in the National Capital Area”
Everyone is still recovering from the International Brotherhood of Magicians, National Capital Ring 50, Magi-Whirl 2012 that was held on April 13 & 14, 2012. There were four lectures, three close-up performances, and a Gala evening show. Magi-Whirl was held at Bishop Ireton High School, 201 Cambridge Rd, Alexandria VA. Magicians from around the Mid-Atlantic region came to Magi-Whirl 2012, and had a great time hanging out with other magicians and people devoted to magic. They learned a ton of new tricks, ideas, presentations, and of course seen some great performances and lecturers.

George Saterial, Gustavo Raley, Ken Scott, Aldo & Rachel Colombini and Noland Montgomery were the Lecturers and Performers for this great event!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Noland Montgomery Wins Lacey Contest!!!

President Danny Selnick made the opening remarks and emceed the contest with 53 members and guests in attendance. There were ten members competing for the Dan Lacey Trophy and the title “DC Magician of the Year”. In order of appearance they were: Theo Rushin, Andrew Lindgren, Bryan McDaniel, Noland Montgomery, Reggie Rice, Bob Carnathan, Arnold Fuoco, Avi Littky, Arno Zeisnitz, and Wes Iseli. When all the judges score sheets were tallied, the winner was Noland Montgomery. Arnold Fuoco was second with Bob Carnathan in third place. This was Noland’s 7th time he has won the contest in the last 10 years.
Cecelia Ritchie, Noland Montgomery and Danny Selnick

Monday, February 20, 2012

MAGI-WHIRL 2012, April 13 & 14

. Here is the convention line-up so far: Lectures: Gustavo Raley, Ken Scott, and George Saterial. We have just added to the Magi-Whirl 2012 Line-Up - The Aldo and Rachel Colombini Farewell Tour. For those who may have seen Aldo and Rachel in a previous lecture in 2011, they have promised to present some new material for the Magi-Whirl 2012 convention attendees.
. Close-Up Performers: Gustavo Raley, Ken Scott, and the Colombini’s.
. Gala Show Performers: Noland Montgomery, Gustavo Raley, Ken Scott, and headliner George Saterial. Watch for updates and other news at: www.Magi-Whirl.Org website.
. We plan on having 10 dealers for the dealer room. You can see and talk to professional magicians and look at new magic items for sale, touch them and see them in action before making a purchase.
. Magi-Whirl is held at Bishop Ireton High School, 201 Cambridge Rd, Alexandria VA. For details go to: www.Magi-Whirl.Org. Come and join the fun and meet new magical friends.
. Registration is available on the Magi-Whirl 2012 website. Sign up on line before March 23rd for $50. After March 23rd the price will be $65 for everyone. http://Magi-Whirl.Org

March Meeting is AUCTION Night

March 7th is Auction Night. Gather up those great effects that you no longer need and put them in the Auction (include the instructions too, if you can find them). There will be a Silent Auction for small items. For the bigger items with a retail value over $25 we will have a Live Auction. There is a limit of no more than 7 items per person in the Live Auction. Please keep ALL BIDS in even dollars.
6:00 - Set up Silent Auction Items
7:00 - Silent Auction Begins
8:00 - Silent Auction ends and winners pay by check or cash for all items won.
8:20 - Ring 50 Meeting
8:30 - Live Auction Begins
10:00 - Live Auctions ends and winners pay by check or cash for all items won.
If you win items in BOTH the Silent Auction and Live Auction, you will need two (2) checks (one check for Silent auction, one check for live auction) or lots of cash (small bills).
You might want to bring a bag or two to haul your winnings home.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

TLR Reviewers to Perform at February Meeting

The February 1st meeting will be demonstrations of the latest magic items on the market by our Ring 50 Hocus in Focus Linking Ring reviewers. New items arrive at TLR editor’s office for review. He sends them to the associate editor, Jason Goldberg, for his reviewers to examine, tear apart, perform, and evaluate. Many are new items, books, DVDs, and some are revisions or modifications to classic magic effects. This will be a good chance to see a demo of an item you saw advertise and wanted to know more about it.
We appreciate the time the Hocus in Focus team spends on their reviews. It is not an easy task to critically examine the hard work of others.

New Performers at January Meeting

President Danny Selnick emceed this month’s show. Performing for the ‘New Members Perform’ night were: John Cloninger, Avi Littky, Dr. Stan Hillard, Cassandra Lofgren, Joe Patane, Bob Weiman, Andrew Lindgren, and Bob Wilcox.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012-2013 Ring 50 Meeting Schedule

REMEMBER our NEW meeting location is

Bishop Ireton High School

PLEASE NOTE: Please enter at the doors for the Whaley Auditorium, which face Duke Street and have a bog parking lot. Do NOT enter at the main school entrance facing Cambridge Road.

6:15 p.m.  Counts of Conjuring (Magic Youth International)
7:05 p.m. Teach-in
7:30 p.m.  Meeting starts
9:30 p.m.  Meeting ends

The many fine restaurants nearby Bishop Ireton make it easy to visit with your friends before the meeting!

2012-2013 Schedule

WEDNESDAY, Sept 5 ....... Teach-In by Members
WEDNESDAY, Oct 3 ......... ESP/Mentalism Night
WEDNESDAY, Nov 7 ........ Simon Lovell Lecture
WEDNESDAY, Dec 5 ........ Annual Holiday Children's Magic Show
WEDNESDAY, Jan 2 ......... Houdini Night
WEDNESDAY, Feb 6 ......... Lecture (TBA)
WEDNESDAY, Mar 6 ........ Auction
WEDNESDAY, Apr 3 ..... Dan Lacey Contest, Officer Nominations

**Apr 5-6 .... Magi-Whirl 2013**

WEDNESDAY, May 1 ........ Lecture (TBA)
WEDNESDAY, Jun 5 ........ Winton Carroll Contest “Most Humorous Magician”

**No Ring 50 Meeting In July 2013**
**Jul 17-20, 2013 IBM Convention Phoenix, AZ**

WEDNESDAY, Aug 7 ........ Teach-In by Ring 50 members
WEDNESDAY, Sept 4 ....... Brown Bag Magic
WEDNESDAY, Oct 2 ........ Hocus in Focus Night
WEDNESDAY, Nov 6 ........ Jay Scott Berry Lecture
WEDNESDAY, Dec 4 ........ Annual Children's Holiday Magic Show

Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Members Perform at January 4th Meeting

New members that have joined Ring 50 in the 2010 or 2011 years are asked to perform at the January 4th meeting. It should be noted the New Performer’s Night is not a contest – there is no judging, no trophies. It is merely a time to welcome and appreciate the talents of our newest members. I.B.M. Ring 50 meetings are held at “ChildTime Magic Party Place” located in Vienna VA. The address is 312 Dominion Rd. NE, Vienna, VA 22180. If you need assistance in locating the meeting call: 703-765-1923.