Friday, January 13, 2012

TLR Reviewers to Perform at February Meeting

The February 1st meeting will be demonstrations of the latest magic items on the market by our Ring 50 Hocus in Focus Linking Ring reviewers. New items arrive at TLR editor’s office for review. He sends them to the associate editor, Jason Goldberg, for his reviewers to examine, tear apart, perform, and evaluate. Many are new items, books, DVDs, and some are revisions or modifications to classic magic effects. This will be a good chance to see a demo of an item you saw advertise and wanted to know more about it.
We appreciate the time the Hocus in Focus team spends on their reviews. It is not an easy task to critically examine the hard work of others.

New Performers at January Meeting

President Danny Selnick emceed this month’s show. Performing for the ‘New Members Perform’ night were: John Cloninger, Avi Littky, Dr. Stan Hillard, Cassandra Lofgren, Joe Patane, Bob Weiman, Andrew Lindgren, and Bob Wilcox.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012-2013 Ring 50 Meeting Schedule

REMEMBER our NEW meeting location is

Bishop Ireton High School

PLEASE NOTE: Please enter at the doors for the Whaley Auditorium, which face Duke Street and have a bog parking lot. Do NOT enter at the main school entrance facing Cambridge Road.

6:15 p.m.  Counts of Conjuring (Magic Youth International)
7:05 p.m. Teach-in
7:30 p.m.  Meeting starts
9:30 p.m.  Meeting ends

The many fine restaurants nearby Bishop Ireton make it easy to visit with your friends before the meeting!

2012-2013 Schedule

WEDNESDAY, Sept 5 ....... Teach-In by Members
WEDNESDAY, Oct 3 ......... ESP/Mentalism Night
WEDNESDAY, Nov 7 ........ Simon Lovell Lecture
WEDNESDAY, Dec 5 ........ Annual Holiday Children's Magic Show
WEDNESDAY, Jan 2 ......... Houdini Night
WEDNESDAY, Feb 6 ......... Lecture (TBA)
WEDNESDAY, Mar 6 ........ Auction
WEDNESDAY, Apr 3 ..... Dan Lacey Contest, Officer Nominations

**Apr 5-6 .... Magi-Whirl 2013**

WEDNESDAY, May 1 ........ Lecture (TBA)
WEDNESDAY, Jun 5 ........ Winton Carroll Contest “Most Humorous Magician”

**No Ring 50 Meeting In July 2013**
**Jul 17-20, 2013 IBM Convention Phoenix, AZ**

WEDNESDAY, Aug 7 ........ Teach-In by Ring 50 members
WEDNESDAY, Sept 4 ....... Brown Bag Magic
WEDNESDAY, Oct 2 ........ Hocus in Focus Night
WEDNESDAY, Nov 6 ........ Jay Scott Berry Lecture
WEDNESDAY, Dec 4 ........ Annual Children's Holiday Magic Show

Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Members Perform at January 4th Meeting

New members that have joined Ring 50 in the 2010 or 2011 years are asked to perform at the January 4th meeting. It should be noted the New Performer’s Night is not a contest – there is no judging, no trophies. It is merely a time to welcome and appreciate the talents of our newest members. I.B.M. Ring 50 meetings are held at “ChildTime Magic Party Place” located in Vienna VA. The address is 312 Dominion Rd. NE, Vienna, VA 22180. If you need assistance in locating the meeting call: 703-765-1923.