Sunday, January 13, 2013

Reynold Alexander Lectures February 6th

International Illusionist Reynold Alexander lecture covers different categories from parlor, close up, and some stage manipulation. He is sure everybody will get something out of this! Everything is workable from his own shows and experiences into the real world. No knuckle busting or unrealistic routines. His magic combines unbelievable acts and intertwines comedy within the routine for a truly engaging experience with the audience. Among his greatest professional achievements, was the disappearance of the Capitol of Puerto Rico, an event that was televised in September 2005. Also before a full house at the Fine Arts Center, he was able to recreate the famous "Chinese Torture" vanishing act created by the great legendary Harry Houdini. He says he has a few things for sale. Free for Ring 50 members and all other magicians are welcome to attend for a $15 fee.