Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February Teach-In at Ring 50

President Louis Meyer opened the meeting and introduced the guests. Mike Taggert, Magi-Whirl Chairman, distributed posters he had made for Magi-Whirl 2009. He encouraged everyone to register soon for the April 17 & 18 event. Also the 4-hour Special Workshop with Jeff McBride is filling up fast and be sure to register for this too. Bob Patterson, Treasurer, introduced some changes and additions to the Ring 50 Constitution and By-Laws. These were approved by the members. Louis introduced the magical teachers for the evening: John Roberts, Arnie Fuoco, Rucj Uffelman, Glenn Gary, and Eric Henning.

John Roberts taught the rope through the neck effect which can be done with any rope, ribbon, sash, string of sausages, or whatever. John said you can play this in many ways. You can ask for volunteers to help decapitate you, or you can simply use whatever patter you choose. This effect segues cleanly into a cut and restored rope routine.

Rucj Uffelman had lots of bags and a carton of eggs to demonstrate the “Egg Bag” routines made famous by Malini, Tarbell, Senor Mardo, and others. He used Plastic eggs, wood eggs, and golf balls. He showed ways to make the egg appear and vanish, from inside and outside. He discussed the routines used by Ken Brooke, Scottish Golf Ball Bag, Tarbell, and Martin Lewis.

Arnie Fuoco presented “Paper Clipped”. A folded and paper clipped playing card (red backed) is placed on the table. A second card was freely selected from a shuffled pack (blue backed) and the spectator signed their name across the face of the card. The card was returned to the pack and the deck shuffled. Moments later, the paperclip was removed from the folded card that has been on the table from the very beginning, and shown to be the spectator’s signed card. Arnie went into great detail covering the method used including lecture notes with step by step procedures.

Glenn Gary walked everyone through an appearing ball routine using a silk. This developed into multiple appearing balls, followed by a ball switch. Each person was able to get hands on practice with the balls and silks Glenn provided.

Eric Henning gave us some very impressive coin routines. He demonstrated the fake take which enables you to secretly retain an object in one hand while supposedly taking it in the other hand. He then worked with us using a pencil and coin vanish where a coin is held in the finger tips and tapped three times with a pencil. The pencil disappears and is found behind the magician’s ear. The coin is tapped again and vanishes completely. Eric also showed the classic palm, finger palm, and others ways to palm a coin.

~ ~ Bob Patterson