Monday, August 06, 2012

Ring 50 Teach-In Scheduled for September 5th Meeting

The WEDNESDAY September 5th Ring 50 meeting will be held at Bishop Ireton High School at 7:30 PM. The Ring 50 ‘Stars of Magic’ Teach-in is shaping up for an educational evening to enhance our Art of Magic.
  The lecturers may present a bit of related magic history, techniques, and then teach a trick or two. Each lecture will last about 30 minutes. Members will choose three of four lectures to attend.
  Here’s the line-up for the September 5th Teach-in: Buddy Smith, the master of coins will teach some coin routines. Arnold Fuoco will teach us about Close-up Vanishes and Productions. Dwight Redman will teach incredible Self-working Card Tricks. Stan Hilliard teaching rope tricks and techniques.