Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Ray Kosby to Lecture June 7th

    Ray Kosby is one of the most creative close-up magicians you will see. He comes up with original and often offbeat effects and his methods are just as wild. The strength behind his magic is that his routines will fool you. Audiences gasp at his effects -- when they are not speechless all they can say is, WOW! He will absolutely fool you.
You will learn how Ray accomplishes some of these impossibilities. His card magic is quick, visual, and is guaranteed to have a powerful impact on any audience. Ray has been a magic creator and hobbyist for decades. His routines are very creative in both effect and method.
          His effects are direct and often visual. If your magic skills include sleight of hand, you will find something to use. The skill level ranges from basic to are you kidding. Ray has lectured in Great Britain, France, Japan, Portugal, Spain, and the United States. His material has been published in DVDs, books and magazines.
The lecture will be held at Hampton Inn and Suites, 5821 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, VA at 7:30 PM. The lecture is free to Ring 50 paid-up members. All other magicians may attend the lecture for a $20 fee.