Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ring 50 Teach-In Scheduled for October 5th Meeting

The October ‘Stars of Magic’ Teach-in is shaping up for an educational evening to enhance our Art of Magic. The lecturers may present a bit of related magic history, techniques, and then teach a trick or two. Each lecture will last 30 minutes. Members will choose three of four lectures to attend. Here’s the line-up for the October Teach-in: Bud Smith, the master of coins will teach some coin routines. Glenn Gary will teach us about the mystery of threads. Sam Brothers, will teach incredible card magic that you can do. Rucj Uffelman, mentalist deJour will present some easy to learn Mentalism and ESP effects. You may want to being some coins (dollars or half dollars), fishing line, safety pin, or deck of cards to follow along with the demonstrations and a pad to take notes on.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Patterson Receives SABAR Award

Bob Patterson was presented the SABAR award by his peers for the outstanding work he has done to support I.B.M. Ring 50 over the past several years. The Award is given to a current member who has given generously of his or her time and talents to the Ring. This is only awarded in cases of exceptional performance or service over an extended period. The SABAR Award Committee appointed by the president includes the past recipients of the SABAR Award (if possible). The award was named after Sam Shapiro; SABAR was his stage name, a contraction of the names Sam and Barbara, his wife. The Ring created the award sometime prior to 1971 and over the past 45 years there have only been 11 recipients. Previous winners of the prestigious award are: Lou Bertol 1966, Al Cohen 1967, Ray Eyler, Larry West, Winton Carroll 1971, Art Emerson 1975, Bill Wells 1978, Jack Nance 1988, John Roberts 1996, Jim Flanigan 2009 and Bob Patterson 2011.

Bob says, “I want to thank all those involved in this award and all the Ring 50 members who come out and support the Ring activities. I am most grateful and I enjoy keeping the Art of Magic glowing within the I.B.M. and Ring 50. For you to honor me with the SABAR award is what magicians call ‘the extra kicker’.”