Saturday, December 20, 2008

January Magi-Gram is Online

The January 2009 issue of the Magi-Gram is now online, and will also be emailed and mailed to members. You can see it, read it, and even download it to your computer or print it out by going to this link. It's also linked on the right hand column of this page. Please thank longtime editor and TVP Jim Flanigan for his tireless efforts and excellent work.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Broken Wand Ceremony for Phillip H. Miller

Phillip Miller, 72, of Annandale, Va., died December 13, 2008. He held I.B.M. number 26655M and was a member of the Order of Merlin. Originally from Illinois, he was an educator who moved to the Washington, D.C., area, where he went to work for the federal government as the deputy director of the Defense Supply Agency at the Pentagon until he retired. Phil was also a member of the Invisible Lodge (Masons) and was active in the foundry Methodist Church of Washington. For the last 10 years, Phil enjoyed learning juggling. He recently moved to Greenspring Village in Springfield, Va. He is survived by a brother, Mike Miller, in Atlanta. A Broken Wand ceremony will be performed at the January 7th meeting of Ring 50 by TVP Jim Flanigan. Jack Nance, another longtime close friend of Phil will break the wand.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Magic That Pleases The Eye

There were 63 members and guests attending the Duane Laflin Lecture at IBM Ring 50 on Wednesday, December 3rd. Laflin’s lecture was finding those hidden treasure in our unused magic. A New Look for Old Props – Cultures changing, magicians need to change too. He has a lot of "out of the box" thinking. He took some things that everyone is doing and put a new spin on it. Laflin really puts the MAGIC into everything he does. Throughout the evening you could hear members commenting, I have one of those and never thought to use it that way. Even the seasoned pros were talking about the way he improved upon tricks they had been doing and how they could not wait to add them to their routines and others who had not use silks were lining up to load up on items he used in his lecture. It was a magical, informative, and entertaining evening.
~ ~ Bob Patterson

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Duane Laflin Lecture for December

Duane Laflin is a noted magician, teacher, and innovator. He is a sought-after lecturer among magic clubs throughout the U.S. Duane was a featured lecturer at ClownFest 2004 convention and a featured lecturer at the 2007 convention of The International Brotherhood of Magicians held in Reno Nevada. He produced and starred in a popular four-volume series of instructional videos on silk magic. Duane has lectured for magicians at the famous "Magic Circle" in London England and at the "Magic Castle" in Hollywood California. His lecture is a magical experience that inspires, instructs, and entertains! He performs routines just like he would for a regular show. Then he explains the methods and secrets in a clear and easily understood manner. Along with trick explanations, there will be tips on showmanship and stage presence. His ideas apply to close up work, kid show tricks, routines that are ideal for banquet shows, and tricks that work great on stage... and more. Duane initially marketed and sold his props, effects and accessories within his company, "Laflin Magic" but eventually closed his mail-order business to focus strictly on performing and lecturing. Ownership and rights to his props were transferred to his daughter's company, “Lock Family Magic”, a popular magic mail-order company that devotes an entire page to Laflin's unique creations, including his educational videos for magicians. The lecture is free to IBM Ring 50 members. Other non member magicians are invited to attend the lecture for a $10 fee.
~ ~ Bob Patterson

Friday, November 07, 2008

Chris Capehart Lecture at November Meeting

Before the Chris Capehart lecture began, in appreciation for his life in magic a Broken Wand Ceremony was held for Russell Glover (Dr. Chang) at the beginning of the meeting. Past International President Bill Wells performed the ceremony along with TVP Jim Flanigan, Dick Christian, and George Woo. Russell Glover was a member of The International Brotherhood of Magicians and a Ring 50 Honorary Life Member. He was best-known for his performances as the inimitable and hilarious "Dr. Chang". He passed away on October 20, 2008 in Valparaiso, Indiana and was nearly 91. Members of Ring 50 gathered together in the name of God and to commemorate with thanksgiving the life of Russell Glover, as a member of our great fraternity, linked in fellowship with magicians all over the world and Russ’ interest, activity, and skill of performing magic was enjoyed by those who were privileged to share his friendship. We of the Brotherhood express our sympathy, prayers and hope in the power of life eternal to his loved ones.

Chris Capehart began his lecture with a performance before 106 audience members. Twenty-three children sat down front for the performance and antics of the hilarious Chris Capehart. After nearly an hour entertaining the children and accompanying adults left the meeting and Chris continued the lecture with the members of Ring 50. His lecture covered the importance of crowd control and keeping everybody’s attention. Chris has been dubbed "The Ring Master" and for good reasons. The three-ring routine is one of the cornerstones of magical illusions. Chris's three-ring routine, which he perfected in 1981, has been acclaimed by some of the world's most renowned magicians as "the best of the best." He gave us some of his techniques in handling the rings. He demonstrated how to use the Miser’s Dream to get the best interaction from the audience. A comedy routine without words using a lota vase and doll was very funny. It was an interesting performance and lecture by Chris Capehart.

Ring 50 Gets Three New Members
Kevin McGuire from Stafford VA was voted into Ring 50 membership. Kevin started magic when he was 7 years old when he saw a TV special with David Copperfield. Later in High School he had a neighbor that was a professional Magician that showed him some tricks and he was hooked from then on. Ed Pallas of Laytonsville MD is a part-time kid performer, regular Magic Cafe contributor, and criminal investigator for Montgomery County PD. George Woo was nominated by Jim Flanigan for membership into Ring 50.

Dues Reminder:
Ring 50 dues for calendar year 2009 are due by February. Treasurer, Bob Patterson, will be happy to take your dues starting at the December 3rd meeting. Dues are $15 for the year. The Ring 50 Treasurer requests that you pay by check, as this eases the record keeping. Make checks payable to “IBM Ring 50”. Cash will be accepted providing you have the correct change ($15). You can also send a check to his home address at 3450 Wainscott Place, Lake Ridge, VA 22192-5263. Enjoy your Ring activities throughout 2009 by paying your dues.
~ ~Bob Patterson

Friday, October 24, 2008

Russ Glover, aka "Dr. Chang", Exits Stage Left

Ring 50 Life Member Russ Glover, best-known for his performances as the inimitable and hilarious "Dr. Chang," passed away on October 20 in Valparaiso, Indiana. He was nearly 91. For a full report, please see the November Magi-Gram.

Past International President Bill Wells will perform a Broken Wand Ceremony at the regular Ring 50 meeting on November 5, before the lecture.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Chris Capehart to Lecture at November 5th Meeting

Chris Capehart is an accomplished master magician respected throughout the world by his peers, applauded for his skills by the most famous of magicians and sought after for repeat performances by clients. Chris has done it all. In thirty-five years he has performed on the big stage, lectured to magicians, become a famous, accomplished street performer, created routines and mastered the linking rings. He has been published and imitated throughout the world. His skill at close-up is no less than astonishing. His quick comeback verbal skills sharpened on the streets of New York City have made him an outstanding comedian. At the Abbott's Convention 2002 he was awarded the Senator Crandall Award for Comedy. At the CAM Convention he worked with Jeff McBride. After his performance Jeff McBride said "He is the only magician I've ever seen who can bring down the house with a stock trick." Come to Chris’ lecture and you will find a pleasant blend of detailed instruction and performance-theory, which is guaranteed to inspire you for years to come! The lecture is free to IBM Ring 50 members. Other non member magicians are invited to attend the lecture for a $10 fee.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Children’s Magic Presented at the October Meeting

After a few announcements were made the show began. Jim Flanigan, the evening's opening act, came out sporting a red sponge nose and a tall, colorful hat. He pulled a small white rabbit from the hat followed by a long glittering snake. He finished by producing a six-foot-long yellow No. 2 pencil. He ended by sketching a chosen card picked by a young audience member.

The next act was Ring 50 president, Louis Meyer. He opened his child friendly act with assistance from a very cute girl, Madison. Louis inflated a balloon and asked for her favorite animal. A befuddled Louis tried to make her a penguin however; Louis only knew how to make giraffe. The little girl left with a giraffe. Then Louis inflated a larger balloon and had a magical funhouse machine that he said would transform any balloon into an animal. He turned the crank on the machine and a live dove was produced to the delight to all.

Stunning Laurie Curry was wearing a very colorful red glittery boa and red feather hat. She chose two little girls to assist her with making a black and white handkerchiefs change places in a bag. After some magical assistance from the girls, the handkerchiefs became imprinted with spots and the bag transformed into a darling puppy. Then Laurie did rendition of the Professors Nightmare with a Goldilocks and the three bear’s storyline. She concluded her act with an empty picture frame that little Madison took a magical picture of Laurie that turned out to be a MONEKY!

Next up was a very classy Glenn Gary dressed for dinner. He produced a green cloth and asked one of the older boys in attendance for what sport he would play on a green field. The boy replied "soccer". Glenn produced a small basketball that transformed into a soccer ball. Gary did some fantastic ball manipulations with the soccer ball and made it appear and re-appear several times. Glenn then brought out a small paper bag and claimed this was his pet "ball house". The invisible ball was thrown to the audience and back to Glenn then he caught it in the bag several times to the astonishment of the audience. The ball became visible for a short time until Glenn tossed it back in the bag, folded the bag and put it back in his pocket. Finally, two volunteers John and Michael were called up to the stage to assist with a card trick. The volunteers were called to provide "Pixie Dust" and "Wiffle Dust" to aid the magician in lightening the cards. The cards were "discarded" and Glenn proceeded to baffle all present with an amazing floating card box routine.

Mike Taggart opened with a great Ceramic Lota-Pot with a Tibetan Monk theme. To the amazement of all, water was produced from the previously emptied pot several times with prayer and incantations from the audience. All were stunned when the final load of water was poured in a red cylinder where it defied gravity and changed to red in color! Mike closed with a paper tear with the assistance of a young male volunteer that resulted in a restored napkin as well as a beautiful 20 foot coil of colored paper.

Reggie "SuperMagicMan" Rice began with a very loud, fast, and funny talking recorded introduction. He asked for a young volunteer and Madison responded while Reggie tried to make her vanish behind a small curtain. He then called three boys to the stage and performed a rope through jacket penetration. Finally, he performed a card trick, where he was not the magician but his pet snake Jake was going to find the card selected by his female volunteer. Jake pops out of a basket with sign that says “your card in not in here!” The card was finally produced out of a sealed prediction envelope labeled Jake’s Magic Card.

Jason Goldberg filled in while Reggie took his set down and wowed the audience with a father-son card prediction! He helped the father and son explore the power of their connection by having the son magically locate in a deck the matches of two cards his father held."

Lorenzo the Great (Larry Lipman) told us that magic was in books. He then proceeded to perform a variety of effects he got out of those books. He asked a young man by the name of Solomon to the stage to assist in a cut and restored rope trick. Solomon cut the rope in half and Larry returned the rope to its original condition to the delight of everyone. Next, Brianna was called to the stage to pick a card. Hilarity ensued as the young Brianna was so young that she did not know what a suit was. Larry recovered like a true pro and asked her older brother, John, to assist in making a successful card prediction. The deck was placed behind Larry's back and the card was placed back in the deck. Finally, the card was found reversed in the deck. Larry’s final routine was Barry Mitchell’s "Reach for a Star" production routine complete with musical background and a memorized poem.

Eric Henning performed the Magic Rainbow Silk Production followed by Bruce Kalver's "Shrinking/Growing Head" to the delight of all! He then proceeded to demonstrate how to make a purple silk handkerchief change into a yellow one while making the silks disappear (Patrick Page's "Comedy Color-Changing Silk"). The audience was then wowed by his rendition of Martin Lewis' "Cheap Cup," ending with a full size tennis ball production! Eric closed the show with his own creation, "The World’s Best Birthday Trick," wherein touching patter combined with the beautiful transformation of a soap bubble into a solid sphere.

~ ~ Sam Brothers & Bob Patterson
Photos by Jim Flanigan

Sunday, September 07, 2008

News Flash – Schedule Change

The monthly event schedule for IBM Ring 50 meetings has been changed. The October 1st meeting will feature “CHILDREN’S MAGIC”. The “History of Magic, Mini Lectures by Members” has been moved to the January meeting.

Children’s Magic Scheduled for OCTOBER 1st Meeting

We would love to get as many people into the October performance as possible! Please, let Louis know if you are interested in performing. This is a great chance to see how your magic entertains children. We always have a great show for children, please bring (and invite) as many kids as you want. Any Ring member interested in performing for Children’s Magic should contact Louis Meyer, 703-765-1923, or email: is no fee to attend Children’s Magic Night.

MYI - Ring 50 Approves Initiation of Youth Program

Mike Taggert discussed and introduced a motion to initiate a Magic Youth International program sponsored by Ring 50 for the Washington DC area. The motion was seconded by Bill Wells and members unanimously approved the establishment the program. Magic Youth International is the highly respected junior branch of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. The membership of the I.B.M. actively supports this dynamic youth focused program to promote, educate, and enhance the activities of talented young magicians around the world. Syndicated columnist Ann Landers once wrote, “It is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.” So it is that our primary goal is to help our youngest members to become productive adults and the backbone of future I.B.M. Rings. Properly mentored, magic can enhance a teen’s creativity, social interaction and personal confidence. Learning and performing magic provides a fun and challenging outlet for fertile young minds; minds that are bombarded daily by creativity inhibiting video games, televised litter and bone-crunching stunts. Mike Taggert will be looking for members to become mentors in this program. If you are interested contact Mike at 540-370-0752 or email:

Barry Mitchell Lectures at Ring 50

Barry Mitchell, a motivational speaker, family entertainer and humorist, captivated the attention of Ring 50 members at their September meeting. “I try to do everything to not think like a magician,” he told the crowd. “A lot of the stuff I do has a moral or an idea.” Opening his presentation by singing, Barry quickly stressed that involving the audience is very important to succeed. “You want to be part of them,” he explained. “Let me tell you a story,” he began. Those words, he pointed out, immediately set up a mood of anticipation. His first story was a legend called “The Mother of All Diamonds” where lumps of coal poured into a goblet turned into diamonds—all except one. He pulled out a key chain with a single lump of coal dangling from it. He explained he had doubted coal could change to diamonds and kept the memento to remind him they really could. In another routine, Barry had the audience chanting “Mash the Moo” as he poured milk to diminishing sizes of glasses without losing a drop. He joked that he had created condensed milk. He ended by changing the “mashed moo” to M&Ms. “Everything I do is very scripted,” he emphasized, adding the biggest difference between an amateur and a professional is a script. Barry’s home-spun humor and easy delivery supporting this philosophy came across in another segment. Four audience members played different roles for a fairy tale he called “The Selfish Sultan and the Magic Box”. Barry ended the night with a moving patriotic presentation that included a 13-star Betsy Ross flag. ~ ~ Jim Flanigan

Magician Joins Ring 50

Ring 50 gained another new member, Thomas Kee, of The Plains VA. Tom started magic when he was 8 years old and performed for about 12 years. He stopped when he went to college and recently renewed his interest in magic again.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Dick Christian Encore Appearance at Alexandria Supper Club

Ring 50's Dick Christian will be performing as the opening act at The Carlyle Club at 411 John Carlyle Street in Alexandria again on Saturday, Sept. 6. Dinner service starts at 6:30 p.m. and the show begins at 8 p.m. Admission is $20 and dinners are $24.95 (for a 3-course dinner) and up. The atmosphere is that of a classy 1940's supper club with live music during dinner and for dancing after the show. Tickets can be purchased either at the door or by reservation at (703) 548-5953 or online at either or They are expecting a close to capacity crowd on Saturday (one party group of 80+ has already made a reservation). Another performance, with Dick as the headliner (45-minute to full 1-hour show) is in the works for October with the exact date still to be determined.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Brad Ross Gives Lecture at August Meeting

Brad Ross presented his lecture on Discovering Your IT FACTOR: Secrets of Branding, Positioning, and Magical Marketing to an audience of 63 Ring 50 members and guests. Brad’s three hour lecture gave many pointers on how to succeed and make big bucks in the business of shows. The foundation for his lecture was from his IT FACTOR package. This included such topics as discovering and unleashing your magical power, back room sales system, goodie bags and give a ways, internet marketing, direct response marketing, and many ways to develop greater results in your business. Marketing has changed over the years and we magicians need to change with the times. He went on to show the audience how to properly put together a professional looking promotional packet and Image Based Marketing. He has translated the general business marketing and promotional principles into making the Master Magician known in the public venue. He's marketed himself and his products extremely well. He has taken a raw material (general information) add VALUE to it, by various processes and translating the general information into direct and specific instructions for performers. His lecture gave ideas and procedures in such a way as there is no question how a magical performer should apply the principles he laid out. There was so much information in the lecture it was impossible to write it all down. One needs to purchase his IT FACTOR package.
~ ~ Bob Patterson

Ring 50 Inducts New Members
Ring 50 gains two new members. Wayne Spillner, Warrenton VA, is a member of the Order of Merlin and has just recently move to our Washington DC area. He does close-up magic and has worked the Magic Castle with Michael Ammar. Sylvia Lett, Temple Hills MD, performs magic as Streamer Da Clown. She does Illusions, Motivational Magic, and Gospel Magic.

Ring 50 CDs Available
A CD of the Ring 50 performers and Ring activities for the past year was compiled by Larry Lipman and donated to the Ring. There are a few of these still available from the Treasurer, Bob Patterson, for only $5. Bob will have them at the next meeting for sale.

Ring 50 Shirts
Blue Shirts with the Ring 50 logo are available for $27.50. A few will be available for pick-up at the next meeting. Cash or check is accepted, make check payable to ‘Robert Patterson’. If your size is not available it can be ordered. The following sizes are available: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large, and 3X-Large (2X & 3X add $2.50).

IBM 2009 Convention in Nashville TN
Members of Ring 50 are reminded to register early for the 81st International Brotherhood of Magician Convention to be held in Nashville TN, July 1 - 4, 2009. IBM members can register on-line at the IBM website Click on the left side “Annual Convention” then click on the Nashville logo. Read the pricing matrix and begin registration at the bottom. You will need your IBM number. Be sure to check the box for your spouse if you are bringing one. IBM members registering before September 1, 2008 can register for $195. From September 1st thru December 31 the price is $210. After December 31 registration is $250. Registration forms will be available at Ring 50 meetings. So register early and SAVE!

Magi-Whirl 2009
Be sure to reserved April 17, 18, & 19 for Magi-Whirl 2009. This year we have a super line-up of lectures and performers (Jeff McBride, Paul Green, Bruce Kalver and others). A special session with IBM International President, Joan Caesar, and SAM National President, Bruce Kalver. Also a special four hour workshop on Sunday, April 19 is planned (at additional cost of $125) with Jeff McBride. There will be ten magic shops in the dealers room. The Saturday night Gala show will be a knock-out. You won’t want to miss this event. Watch our website for details. Be sure to register early and SAVE!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Meeting Schedule 2009

(Subject to Change)

January 7………......History of Magic w/ Mini-Lectures by Members
February 4 …….....Magic Teach-in
March 4………..…...TBA
April 1 ………….......Auction Night, Nominations for Officers
May 6……………......Dan Lacey Contest, Election of Officers
June 3…………….....Winton Carroll Contest “Most Humorous Magician”
July ……………….....No Ring 50 Meeting in July
July 1-4, 2009…… 81st IBM Convention, Nashville, Tennessee
August 5..................Anatomy of a Magic Show (Double Lecture)
September 2..........."Try a New Trick" Night
October 7............... TBA
November 4...........TBA
December 2............Lecture by Devin Knight

Friday, July 04, 2008

Reggie Rice's Super Tour Gets Ink

Ring 50 Sergeant-at-Arms Reggie Rice, a.k.a. "SuperMAGICman," got front-page coverage of his successful tour of Southern Maryland. The St. Mary's County Enterprise put Rice on the cover of its June 27 Weekend section just before his final shows.

The article captures Rice on his 25th birthday as he plans and rehearses his new show in preparation for his "Tri-County Tour." Mentioned prominently is his involvement in Ring 50, including his dual wins of the Winton Carroll Award
for Washington, D.C.’s Comedy Magician of the Year.

In addition to tightening his 5-person illusion show, Rice's tour has paid off in other ways: he will be featured this fall at all three fairs in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's Counties.

‘‘Being on stage in front of people is what I love the most,” he said. ‘‘When I am not on the stage, I feel bored. I have always been in the spotlight, and that’s where I like to be.”

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Paul Green to Lecture at Magi-Whirl 2009!

I.B.M. Ring 50, The National Capital Ring, is pleased to announce that Magi-Whirl 2009 will feature a special lecture from the Magic Castle's 2008 Close-up Magician of the Year, Paul Green.

Paul Green's magic is designed to be performed for real people—not the members of your local Magic Club. His magic has been proven before audiences at Hollywood's famed Magic Castle, Beverly Hills' most exclusive restaurants, the private homes of celebrities and numerous trade shows in North America, Europe and Asia. Refined and polished, there is material that will be prized by performers at every skill level.

Green has been named not only the Close-Up Magician of the Year but also Lecturer of the Year by the Academy of Magical Arts at the Magic Castle. He was a columnist for The Magic Menu ("In the Trenches"), and his work has been published in GENII: The Conjuror's' Magazine as well as MAGIC Magazine.

There will be a cornucopia of magic for everyone—from the professional to the hobbyist. Cards, Coins, Rope, and maybe something else. Dynamic Magic to entertain, make friends, and earn some money. In addition, Paul will share his business expertise in the fields of trade shows, corporate events, and restaurants. You can't lose.

Material covered in this 2½ hour-plus lecture will come from his lecture notes as well as his DVDs on the Classic Force; In the Trenches; Live at the Jailhouse; and his newest release, Card Warp Finale.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

James Munton to Give Free Lecture

The Virginia Magic Society (VMS) invites all members of SAM Assemblies 23 & 252, and IBM Ring 50 (and anyone else in the magic community) to a free magic lecture on Friday, July 11 at 8:00 p.m. featuring James Munton, a former president of both Assembly 23 and IBM Ring 50. James now lives in Dallas Texas. The lecture will be held at the Falls Church Community Center, 223 Little Falls Street, Falls Church, VA. The lecture is free, but bring your checkbook since James will be demonstrating and selling a bunch of items. Please contact Larry Lipman if you plan to attend.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Noland Montgomery Featured in Washington Post

Ring 50 Magician of the Year Noland Montgomery was featured in a full-color article in the June 17 edition of the Washington Post. In an article in the KidsPost section titled "Here's the Real Trick: Practice Makes Presto," Montgomery, who has won the Dan Lacey Contest four times, is shown and interviewed to help children understand what it takes to be a professional magician.

The full-page spread includes actions photos and pictures of Noland's props, and he encourages kids to start at their local library. The online version even has a video in which Montgomery teaches a trick.

"'You have to read books; watch other magicians perform; and practice, practice, practice.' Montgomery says that anyone, at any age, can be a magician."

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Louis Meyer sworn in as president IBM Ring 50

Louis Meyer was sworn in as the new president of The National Capital Ring at our June 4th meeting. He stepped up from the vice president’s position to assume the leadership role. The Washington DC, TVP, Jim Flanigan, conducted the candlelight Points of Light installation ceremony. Others taking their oaths of office were Eric Redman as vice president, Bob Patterson returning as treasurer, Sam Brothers as secretary and Reggie Rice as sergeant-at-arms. Outgoing Ring 50 President Michael Taggert, joined by former Ring 50 leaders Dwight Redman and Don Freedman will serve as directors.

Magi-Whirl 2008 Chairman Presents Check

Mike Taggert, Magi-Whirl Chairman, presented Raymond Curry of Bishop Ireton High School, Technical Theater Department a large check for $2,835, the school’s share of the highly successful Magi-Whirl Gala Show.
~ ~ Bob Patterson

Winton Carroll’s “Most Humorous Magician Contest”

Once up on a time in the land of IBM Ring 50 legerdemain, between thunderstorms that ran through the Washington DC area, there was a contest for the “Most Humorous Magician” held in the honor of Winton Carroll, former Ring president (1962-1963). A $100 grant from Winton’s widow, Emma, was awarded to the winner. The sixty-two audience members enjoyed the comedy and magic of the performers. Defending his title from last year was Reggie Rice, and by membership vote he was again this years winner!

Leading off the “Most Humorous Magician” contest was Larry Lipman (Lorenzo the Great), performing as "Grorenzo the Late" (Lorenzo the Great) did color-changing silks, a sponge ball routine and nesting wands while reciting patter in which he mixed up the beginning consonants of most of the words. His funny line of patter included such lines as he's not a “mategracian” (great magician) and “yank thoo mery vuch” (thank you very much).

Scott McDonald, performing as "The Redneck Magician" offered his version of "The Guessin' Card" whereby he fooled a young audience assistant into believing that he could predict any card that was pulled from the deck. In fact he did guess the right card, along with 51 others on a single jumbo card! He explain the deck was really his NASCAR Trading Card collection in disguise, and asked the young man to pull any four cards from the deck, and he would reveal their true identity. Using the magical powers of his ball cap - "The Redneck Magician" accurately revealed the cards as noted race car drivers including an unexpected one from his "Girls of Hooters" collection. The Redneck Magish then apologized for chewing gum while performing, and showed of his collection of ABC gum (Already Been Chewed). He then proceeded to recombobulate the old used gum back into ready again for chewin' gum and finished with a cascade of gum into the audience.

Professor Ludwig von Schnitzlemacher, (alias John Roberts), sporting a small square black mustache) made a funny entrance speaking in German. He had a five-letter word on a card selected from a pack of 25 and returned to a non-see-thru envelope that he set on fire. Then, using a colander as a helmet to amplify the "voices” in his head, he produced several magnetic letters on a metal tray that eventually spelled the chosen word.

Noland Montgomery opened with a comedy routine with a torn and restored newspaper. He followed this with some impromptu puppetry by fashioning a rabbit with a cloth napkin he identified as Hank the Hare. After asking a spectator mentally choose a number, Hank the Hare demonstrated his psychic power to scribble the number on a pad of paper matching the number the spectator choose. Hank also engaged in other pratfalls, including, to Noland's dismay, sneaking a dollar bill out of Noland's jacket pocket and devouring it like a piece of lettuce followed by a loud burp.

Tom Paxton dazzled us with an original routine using a Misers Dream type coin production going to a pocket with half dollars while talking about kids and how they spend money on stupid things. Ending with the production of a 3½" half-dollar that he “had to cough up for his wife”. Then Tom then transitioned into a version of “Heiny 500” he called "My Las Vegas Money" where his wife would only give me $5 to gamble. He changed the five $1 dollar bills to five $100 dollar bills, gambled and lost almost all of it and then changed the currency them back to $1 bills so he could tell his wife he broke even for the night.

Bob Carnathan, who placed second in the contest, opened with a prediction by having an audience member name an animal. First selection did not match the pig prediction in the envelope. The second selected farm animal did not match the pig prediction either. Finally with many, many hints and Bob hamming it up, the spectator went out on a limb and chose a pig, the correct animal in the envelope. Next Bob performed a very funny mental transference routine with two spectators connected by a Rich Bloch Collectors Workshop look-a-like mental transference device (actually two plungers and a spiral cord) on their heads. The woman was asked to pick a card. Through the device, with the male spectator having some difficulty reading the hints in a crystal ball, Bob correctly identified a card chosen by the other spectator.

The “Legendary” Rick Beatty with the assistance of two helpers comically astounded the audience with a poster routine using names of famous magicians including one with the word “ME” on it. In another bit, he had another spectator select a card (10 of spades) that he made vanish. He asked the spectator the name of the card and reached into his pocket and wrongly produced a 3 of spades. Then pulling the card all the way out showing it was really a foot long with 10 spades on it altogether.

For his winning performance, Reggie Rice – appearing under his signature stage name “SuperMagicMan”- started by opening his flat briefcase from which he pulled a regulation size bowling ball. He revealed us his biggest secret in magic was he learned everything from the "Magic for Dummies" book. Using the instructions in the book he turned a bottle of coke into a shot glass with liquid in it. He also did a card prediction opening the book to a double page illustration of a King of Clubs, which a young audience member had picked. This was followed by a “do as I do” paper tear with the help of a young woman from the crowd. Using a roll of toilet paper, he made a ball of it disappear only to reappear as a long streamer from his mouth. His conclusion was a “Dancing With the Stars” routine.
~ ~ Bob Patterson

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Officers 2008-9

President - Louis Meyer
Vice President - Eric Redman
Treasurer - Bob Patterson
Secretary - Sam Brothers
Sergeant At Arms - Reggie Rice

Director - Don Freedman
Director - Dwight Redman
Director - Michael Taggert

Magi-Gram Editor - Jim Flanigan
Webmaster - Eric Henning

Friday, May 09, 2008

May Meeting & The Dan Lacey Contest

President Mike Taggert opened the meeting with a few announcements. The many guests were introduced which included several members of the Dan Lacey family. Certificates of Appreciation were given to all those who volunteered their help for Magi-Whirl 2008. Then Mike introduced the nominees for the coming year for the offices and directors. This was followed by the unanimous vote by all Ring members present to accept those nominated. The officers for 2008-09 are:

President …………..…….. Louis Meyer
Vice President ………….. Eric Redman
Treasurer ……….……….. Bob Patterson
Secretary ………….…….. Sam Brothers
Sergeant-at-Arms …..….. Reggie Rice

Senior Director …………. Don Freedman
Former Ring President.... Dwight Redman
Retiring Ring President... Michael Taggert

Magi-Gram Editor ……. Jim Flanigan
Webmaster …………… Eric Henning

Territorial Vice President, Jim Flanigan, will conduct the installation of officers ceremony at the June 4th meeting.

The business meeting was completed and the 6th annual Dan Lacey contest for the “Magician of the Year” was presented. Dan was a former president (1999-2000) of IBM Ring 50 who was noted for promoting goodwill and fellowship. The contest and trophy is presented in his memory. Judges based their selections on originality, presentation, performance, and entertainment skills.

Noland Does It Again!
Our emcee for the evening was Eric Henning. Judges were Bud Smith, Dick Christian, and Cecelia Lacey. The remarkable performers astounded the 70 members and guests attending the meeting. After a long deliberation the judges awarded the top honors to Noland Montgomery with Bob Carnathan following closely behind with honorable mention.

Leading off the superior line-up of magicians was Eric Redman. Eric amazed the audience with his dove production. Eric’s egg bag routine and egg production was culminated with the mystical appearance of another dove from the egg.

Geoff Weber began by describing an old family heirloom, an allegedly haunted silver ball. Upon covering it with a foulard, it seemed to vanish, and was later seen to move slowly under the foulard and eventually float up into full view and rest on the edge of a foulard. After some other tricky maneuvers it returned under the foulard and floated back to the pedestal. His next trick was "more fun than a barrel of monkeys". He brought out a barrel of monkeys game to illustrate a point. He threaded a borrowed a gold ring on a shoelace with the ends held by a volunteer. He then made the ring vanish, only to find it hanging from the end of a chain of monkeys inside the barrel. His final routine was a variation on the "ninja ring" linking ring routine.

Arnie Fuoco revealed a little known secret about magicians. That is, they use the methods in their magic tricks to solve their day-to-day personal problems. He demonstrated how the method in the cut and restored rope was used to help him get over a broken heart (a restoration of a torn tissue-paper heart). He also restored a torn newspaper, a playing card, and even the tie he was wearing when a spectator accidentally cut it.

Bob Carnathan told of the days in Paterson New Jersey when the queens performed at the Majestic Theater. He began with four large cards all queens. He did not show the face of the cards but when a spectator announced the queen of hearts, Bob showed the queen as one of the cards with the only blue back. Then he showed everyone the reverse and the remaining three cards were all blank with red backs. Bob then went on to do an egg bag routine with the assistance of two helpers from the audience. He made the egg appear and disappear while the helpers held his wrists and examined the bag each time.

Pulling coins out of thin air is one of the trademarks of a quality magician and Noland Montgomery did just that. He held the audience spellbound with his version of the Misers Dream. Each coin production was punctuated with a silly pun as he produced coins from different parts of his body, as when he proclaimed 'must be a cash-ear (cashier)' while apparently taking a coin out of his ear. He accumulated a bucket full of coins. Noland then performed his version of the linking rings using three very large rings.

Dwight Redman used large cards for the handling of Brother John Hamman's classic plot Gemini Twins, where the twin Kings that married twin Queens meet in a seemingly impossible way with four cards. At the first run through of the Gemini Count, nobody reacted to seeing twin sets of the cards. At the second, there is shock. During the third go around, there is quiet disbelief and nervous murmurs but at the last phase, he got silence that bursts into laughter and a big round of applause.

Our contest emcee was Past President (2003-04) Eric Henning, who kept things moving. After the performances, while the judges deliberated, he kept the crowd happy with his own magic routines. Henning opened with a nautical-themed Chop Cup routine, followed by a story of Cub Scout camping trips in which a camping coffee mug threaded onto a shoelace magically came free. He ended by having an audience volunteer call their friend on a cell phone and when they named a card, Henning showed it was the only card reversed in a jumbo deck.
Photos by Jim Flanigan & Larry Lipman

June to Feature “Most Humorous Magician” Contest
June 4th – Present your comedy magic material for the “Most Humorous Magician” contest and win a $100. This Winton Carroll Contest is open to all Ring 50 members. This contest and meeting will be conducted in the Dinning Room of the Hotel. Winner will be chosen by popular vote (please bring a pencil or pen to mark the ballot). Contact Louis Meyer ( or ph. 703-765-1923) if you want to compete in this contest. Let us know a week before the meeting so the ballots can be printed.

No Ring 50 meeting in July
There will be no meeting July. Meetings will resume on August 6th At the Holiday Inn. Members are encouraged to attend the combined IBM/SAM Convention in July at Louisville Kentucky, July 21-26.
~ ~ Bob Patterson

Friday, April 18, 2008

Al Cohen Honored by Academy of Magical Arts

Al Cohen accepts honor at California night of magic

Al Cohen, honorary lifetime member of Ring 50 and veteran magic dealer who operated Al’s Magic Shop in Washington for many years, accepted a Lifetime Achievement Fellowship citation at the 40th annual Academy of Magical Arts award show and banquet at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif., the night of April 5. “It was truly a wonderful experience,” Al said when he returned home. “I was quite honored and thrilled to receive such a prestigious award.” Al said that the whole affair was like the Academy Awards and even included several movie stars. “I got to meet several of them, including Jason Alexander. Loni Anderson gave me my award.” Both of these stars also performed magic on stage at the event. Other noted personalities attending the show were Siegfried Fischbacher of Siegfried and Roy, Mac King, Sally Kirkland, Tippi Hendren, Bob Barker, and Milt Larsen.

Jason Alexander and Loni Anderson performed at the magical event

~ ~ Jim Flanigan

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

May Meeting Brings Dan Lacey Contest “Magician of the Year”

May 7th – Sharpen up your skills for the annual “Washington DC Magician of the Year”, Dan Lacey contest. The contest is open to all Ring 50 members. A panel of Judges will select the winner. Contact Mike Taggert ( or ph. 540-370-0752) if you want to compete in this prestigious contest. Each person has a time limit of eight minutes to present their act.

Election of Ring 50 Officers will be conducted at the May meeting. The nominees for Ring 50 2008-2009 are:

President…………………. Louis Meyer
Vice President…………… Eric Redman
Treasurer…………………. Bob Patterson
Secretary………………….. Sam Brothers
Sergeant-at-Arms……... Reggie Rice

Retiring Ring President……. Michael Taggert
Former Ring President…….. Dwight Redman
Senior Director ……………..... Don Freedman

Thursday, April 03, 2008

April’s Auction Action

Auctioneers Dick Christian and Bill Wells with a sausage gun.

Fifty-four members and guests attended our annual Ring 50 Auction. Our auctioneers Dick Christian and IBM Past President, Bill Wells did a fantastic job demonstrating the live auction items and getting the best dollar. Overall lucky bidders got some fine magic equipment. High bidders walked off with some of the interesting pieces like: a collectors T-Shirt from the former Al’s Magic Shop, a silk fountain, a set of 8-inch linking rings, and a water bowl vanish. Tom Paxton won a neat spike thru the neck item. Dwight Redman was top bidder for a Collector's Workshop Samurai. John Roberts carried home a very nice silk caddy and Wayne Alan got a PB & J for a little bread. Eighty-seven items sold in the auction netting the Ring $79 in fees and donations for the Ring Treasury. Twenty-eight items were sold in the live auction and fifty-nine magic items in the silent auction.

May 7th - Dan Lacey Contest
Sharpen up your skills for the annual “Washington DC Magician of the Year”, Dan Lacey contest. The contest is open to all Ring 50 members. Winner will be selected by a panel of Judges. Contact Mike Taggert if you are going to compete in this event ( Each performer will have eight minutes to exhibit their magicial skills to amaze the audience.

June 4th – Winton Carroll's “Most Humorous Magician” Contest
Present your comedy magic material for the “Most Humorous Magician” contest and win a $100. This Winton Carroll contest is open to all Ring 50 members. This contest and meeting will be conducted in the Dinning Room of the Hotel. Winner will be chosen by popular vote (bring a pencil or pen to mark the ballot). Contact Mike Taggert if you are going to compete in this event ( Each performer will have eight minutes to exhibit their magicial skills to win the audience vote for the Most Humorous Magician award.
~~ Bob Patterson

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Magi-Whirl 2008 – One of the BEST

Ring 50, under the guidance of Mike Taggert and Bob Patterson, produced another hit convention and stage show for Magi-Whirl 2008. There was a 33 percent increase in registrations for the convention over the previous year and a 28 percent jump in show ticket sales with 567 tickets sold for the Saturday night gala performance. During the convention, attendees had a chance to meet some of the stage stars up close and personal. ICE McDonald, who was accompanied by his assistant Robbie Waddell, Aldo & Rachel Colombini and Eric Jones, gave standup lectures.

Among the dignitaries who attended the convention were Maria Ibanez, president of the Society of American Magicians, and Al Cohen, the longtime Washington magic dealer who will be honored at the Magic Castle in Hollywood in April for his contributions to magic.
Friday night arrivals were able to enjoy a Dealers Show and to make some early purchases. They were treated to a lecture by Eric Jones, which turned out to be a surprise hit of this convention or any magic convention. His Four Kings Revelation in performance appeared impossible to perform although his finger-flicking routine seemed almost obtainable when explained. His coin magic drew raves of “outstanding” from even the most experienced at the lecture. His Three Fly effect took the magic to even another level. He also did a whole new twist on the Karate Coin.
After Friday's finger-flinging session, Saturday morning began with a rousing motivational lecture from top corporate magician Kenrick "Ice" McDonald. Ice shared his real-world principles for both the "show" and the "business" of magic, including a special section on ethics. He also shared an amazing routine he uses to audition for corporate bookers. At the end, the audience was clearly ready to go another two hours, but we had to break so the magi could lunch at the many fine restaurants withing walking distance of Bishop Ireton High School, the convention site.
After lunch, the attendees were wondering what could possibly follow the sleight of hand and great ideas we'd already seen. The answer was in two parts: Aldo & Rachel Columbini. They gave us a double dose of practical, effective stand-up magic, suitable for most venues. The crowd made their enthusiasm evident and then swarmed the product table at the end.

Saturday afternoon featured revolving close-up shows with Brian Morton, Richard Kaufman and Bob Little. Brian Morton used a deck of cards and a film noir detective story to reveal a “criminal” represented by a signed queen. Kaufman proved he is a close-up performer in his own right with some slick card work including one in which he turned a deck into a “gun” to shoot out a chosen card. Bob Little used a hatchet to chop a large Smiley face cookie into crumbs to reveal a chosen card. He ended his act with a bit that probably will not be repeated again.

One of the afternoon highlights was a question-and-answer session with Richard Kaufman, publisher of Genii The Conjuror’s Magazine, conducted by Ring 50 President Mike Taggert. Kaufman talked about having the chance while growing up in New York City to brush elbows with some of magic’s greats in informal settings. Kaufman, who revived Genii 10 years ago and turned it into a first-rate magic publication, conceded he is a workaholic but loves every minute of his creative time in front of a computer.

The only thing that could follow these lectures was some great magic performances, and we had plenty in store, both on stage and up close. Prior to the Saturday night Gala Show, Ring 50 members performed feats of magic in the lobby to entertain the arriving public. They were: Capt Token (Louis Hofhiemer), Dwight Redman, Larsen Eisenberg, Eric Redman, Lorenzo the Great (Larry Lipman), Matgik Matt (Matt Hiller), Sam Brothers, and The Legendary Rick Beatty.

The Gala Show drew a nearly sellout, enthusiastic crowd, which was opened to the public. The opening act of the show, presented in the auditorium of Bishop Ireton High School in Alexandria, Va., featured the comedy and magic of Ring 50 Magician of the Year Noland Montgomery. Two husky men tied him up with rope as he stood on a stool. After one of the assistants held a drape over his tightly bound hands, Noland suddenly reached out from behind the cover with his magically free right hand to answer a cell phone call. “I’m all tied up at the moment,” he told the caller on the other end of the line.

The delightful comedy magic of Bob Sheets came next with a presentation of his very own Hang Them High illusion in which he pulled a long length of rope through his body. He also tendered a wonderful routine involving eight delightful kids from the audience. He combined a Nest of Wands with a Cups and Balls effect that ended with the production of a lemon, orange and potato.

Aldo and Rachel Colombini impersonated a European count and countess to produce a very funny mind-reading act. Standing in the audience, Aldo told a blindfolded Rachel, “I’m holding an object. You may be able to see it.” She immediately responded, “Eyeglasses,” to the knowing audience’s laughter. Aldo ended with a smooth and very pretty linking rings routine.

Kenrick “ICE” McDonald was the featured performer of the show as he orchestrated his award-winning act with a dramatic series of dove productions. In a change of pace, he invited a man and woman on the stage for a torn and restored card routine. In another phase, he invited two young girls on stage for a funny change bag parody. He ended by delivering a beautiful and moving presentation involving an older woman from the audience, in which he turned paper roses into real ones to give to her. He ended by producing a swirling snowstorm on stage and dancing with her.

Washington DC’s Rich Bloch was the evening’s ringmaster as the emcee of the night. He provided his own delightful and sophisticated magic mixed with wry humor. One of his funniest bits was when he brought out a floral bouquet on one end of the stage. In a quick moment of misdirection, he pointed out a lady assistant carrying on a tray of metal containers from the other end of the stage, which suddenly clattered to the floor. When the audience looked back, the flowers had vanished.

If you did not attend, you missed a good one!

– By Jim Flanigan. Ken Norris, Eric Henning, & Bob Patterson contributed to this article.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

April 2nd is Auction Night

The Wednesday, April 2nd meeting will feature Auction Night. Now that you bought some new items at Magi-Whirl it’s time to clean out some of the items from your magic closet that you no longer have a need. Bring them to the auction! Our coven of conjurors will be gathered for the April “Spring Cleaning” Auction Night. This event always draws a crowd. It’s sure to provide us with lots of special bargains. You won’t want to miss it. Last year there were over 90 items auctioned to the highest bidder.
Nominations for Ring 50 Officers will be presented at the April Meeting. If you are interested in becoming an officer of IBM Ring 50, please let Louis Meyer know. His phone is: 703-765-1923, or email at:

Friday, March 07, 2008

Four Corner Teach-In at March Meeting

John Roberts opened with a St. Paddy's theme coin production from a rainbow & pot-o-gold silk and ended with a 3-D leprechaun figure. An audience member helped eliminate all but one of a group of semi-precious stones from a small treasure chest and the remaining stone matched one held in a small leather bag. John then located a chosen card from a memorized deck, explained a card-across effect and a poker deal that went awry until an audience member, accused of putting a curse on the trick, was made to remove it (the curse). Roberts did a chop-cup routine with a beer can and a miniature baseball, which turned into two jumbo balls and he finished with a simplified in-the-air card stab.

Turley the Magician (Hugh Turley) taught a torn and restored napkin routine that he had learned from Bob McAllister. He shared some tips on using a magic wand to switch items or load items in a spectator's hand and demonstrated these with sponge balls. Turley closed with a demonstration (pitch) of the six-way "Rising Wand" and showed how he added his own gimmicks to the wand.

Buddy Smith wowed us with his masterful handling of coins including variations on the Copper/Silver coins using a Chinese token and a 50-cent piece. He assured those in his teaching session that “coin magic can be very easy” if done properly.

Ken Norris showed the members his presentation of the Ring and Rope including a cut and restored rope. He taught us the handling of the “3 Card Monte” scams seen on the streets of New York. He lead the crowd thru a ‘you do as I do’ card trick, which lead to a version of ‘Out of This World’.
Ring 50 President Mike Taggert urged everyone at the meeting to take part in the group’s annual Magi-Whirl convention and stage show to be held March 28 & 29 at Bishop Ireton High School in Alexandria, Va. Mike reminded members that new officers for the coming year will be nominated at the April meeting when Ring 50’s Annual Auction is held. He said that the annual Dan Lacey Magician of the Year contest is set for May and the 2008 Winton Carroll Comedy Magic competition will be held in June.
~~ Bob Patterson & Jim Flanigan