Thursday, December 04, 2008

Magic That Pleases The Eye

There were 63 members and guests attending the Duane Laflin Lecture at IBM Ring 50 on Wednesday, December 3rd. Laflin’s lecture was finding those hidden treasure in our unused magic. A New Look for Old Props – Cultures changing, magicians need to change too. He has a lot of "out of the box" thinking. He took some things that everyone is doing and put a new spin on it. Laflin really puts the MAGIC into everything he does. Throughout the evening you could hear members commenting, I have one of those and never thought to use it that way. Even the seasoned pros were talking about the way he improved upon tricks they had been doing and how they could not wait to add them to their routines and others who had not use silks were lining up to load up on items he used in his lecture. It was a magical, informative, and entertaining evening.
~ ~ Bob Patterson

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