Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Magic-Gram is Here!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Treasurer Bob Patterson, the April issue of Ring 50's Magi-Gram is online and ready for you to read. You can view it online, print or download it here.
Later, you can simply click on the Magi-Gram link in the column to your right --->

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wayne Alan Lecture Debut Impressive

I.B.M. Ring 50’s April 6th meeting was opened by President Arnie Fuoco. After a few business details he introduced our lecturer, Wayne Alan, Corporate Illusionist.

Alan opened his lecture with balloon to bouquet and then two more bouquets appeared. After explaining the production and giving a few tips, he had two spectators join him on stage. He did a Two Card Monte with a regular size Ace and a Queen and then he did it with jumbo cards. Finally, removing the table cloth he showed two very large cards (40”x30”) which were set up on the stage. From these two cards a live Queen (Cassandra) was produced! He explained the workings of the effect and how to build it for less than $300. Next was a coin routine with his version of coins across and the coins appearing under a glass.

Alan's lecture was based on his decades of experience and proven show business concepts, covering 1/3 talent, 1/3 marketing, and 1/3 publicity. Wayne Alan says, " Be a showman and act like a star, be mysterious without being hokey, dress like a star, have beautiful assistants, and ride the coattails of the famous."

Other effects that he demonstrated and taught included the famous rabbit from a hat, card shark gags, a card routine ending with his business card, chop cup, a white board card revelation, a comedy mind reading routine using a spectator blindfolded with a Mardi Gras mask.

Alan also did a torn and restored card with the card reappearing in a frame held by a spectator. The card had a corner missing and it matched the one held by another spectator. He ended the evening with a crystal silk cylinder routine. Throughout the lecture he gave credits to contributors of the effects and routines. A great lecture by Wayne Alan! The May meeting is the Dan Lacey contest for Washington DC Magician of the Year.
- Bob Patterson