Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Register NOW for Ring 50's Magi-Whirl April 12-13, 2019

Magi-Whirl 2019 is Almost Here
Have you Registered?

Magi-Whirl 2019 convention will be held in a new venue, Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center, 4915 E. Campus Dr, in Alexandria, Virginia which has ideal facilities including a 981-seat theater for the Gala Show. The line-up of talent so far, includes: The current president of International Brotherhood of Magicians Michel Finney, along with Gustavo Raley, Jessica Jane, Niels Duinker, Christopher T. Magician, and Ring 50’s Magician of the Year - Christophe Jelinski. One of the Saturday lecturers features the King of Coins, David Roth.
Magi-Whirl Co-Chairmen Danny Selnick and Craig Fifer are seeking your help in contacting and arranging for dealers to E-Mail them at Danny.Selnick@yahoo.com or Craig@fifer.net. President Stan Hillard emphasized that we must make an all-out effort to publicize Magi-Whirl and for each member of Ring 50 to sell at least 10 Gala show tickets to ensure it is a financial success. See www.magi-whirl.org for current information and registration.
Hope to see you there!!