Saturday, December 08, 2012

Houdini Night Slated for January 9th Meeting

     Members of Ring 50 will be presenting magic from the Houdini era. Houdini had an amazing talent he also devoted himself to the magic. Harry Houdini was a master of escapes whose name still resonates today. One of the things that made Houdini stand out was his showmanship. Houdini wowed audiences with his deft escapes from handcuffs and other kinds of personal shackles and restraints.
     If you would like to perform effects that may be related to Houdini magic, please contact President Danny Selnick at email ( to get on the list as a performer.
      You don't have to do only could be with any theme dealing with Houdini ... cards, tricks, ropes etc... Get creative and have fun...