Tuesday, December 11, 2007

‘Holiday Party Magic’ for January Meeting

President Mike Taggert had to cancel the December meeting due to the snow and hazardous road conditions around Washington DC. The ‘Holiday Magic’ program scheduled for the meeting will be presented at the January meeting as ‘Holiday Party Magic’. The Ring members wishing to perform at the January meeting should contact Mike by email: President@IBMRing50.Org or phone: 540-370-0752. Be sure to purchase a 50/50 ticket for some additional prizes.

President Taggert has a proposal to launch a Youth Affiliate program for the Washington DC area. He would like to urge each and every Ring member to do their best to attract and retain members from ten to eighteen years of age to come to the Ring meetings. They would be non-voting members, but would assist on committees, participate in shows, attend Ring seminars, learn magic skills, or improve their magic techniques.

Be sure to get registered for Magi-Whirl 2008 before the price increase on March 16. Magi-Whirl 2008 will be held March 28 & 29 in Alexandria Virginia at the Bishop Ireton High School. It will feature four lectures, three close-up performances, ten magic dealers, and a Gala evening show. For details see the Ring 50 web site: www.Magi-Whirl.Org.
Bob Patterson

Members Perform for “Wounded Warriors”
Magicians Bert Udovin, Eric Henning, Jason Goldberg, and Brandon Tucker on December 10 performed strolling magic for a NASA "Tribute To Our Wounded Soldiers" program at the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in Silver Springs Maryland. The strolling magicians were will received and enjoyed by all of those attending the tribute.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


December's Ring 50 meeting has been canceled due to hazardous road conditions.
We'll see you in January!

The National Weather Service has issue a Snow Advisory for the entire metro area from Baltimore south to Fredericksburg, Virginia, calling for steady snowfall from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. EST. Although less than 2 inches of snow is expected, temperatures will rise to the mid-30's by afternoon, meaning that the roads are likely to melt and then re-freeze by sunset at 4:44 p.m. For the safety of our members and guests, and given the likelihood that traffic will be as chaotic this evening as it was this morning, President Michael Taggert has decided to cancel tonight's meeting. Stay safe and warm! The Board is currently trying to get an email out to all members.
- Eric Henning, Web Master

Friday, November 09, 2007

New Members Perform at the November Meeting

Vice President Louis Meyer opened the meeting and welcomed the guests. New members in the past year put on the November program. All were great performers with amazing skills and many new techniques were demonstrated. The 35 members in attendance enjoyed the show.

Jeff Sobel started off with displaying his new adult version of the coloring book (gag), then did a bit of “knotty” work – a short rope routine. After hypnotizing the rope (and the audience) to follow his directions, he showed the practical side of rope magic before performing a linking ring routine with only 1 ring and a rope.

Terry Moran did a paper toss to choose volunteers and then added their imaginary pocket change to match a reveal on the papers held by the volunteers. Terry then did an infamous mentalist experiment "reading the mind of the unborn child" using a women form the audience. The unborn child, after a bit of by play, named the selected card.

Danny Selnick explained how a deck of cards and the calendar are parallel. He had a spectator select a card from the deck and then ask the spectator for any date in his life that was memorable. When turning the pages in his Day Timer to the memorable date, there was the selected card.

Donna Audi showed an empty bottle and magically filled it. She then poured the contents into cups held by three spectators. This was followed by catching imaginary balls thrown by the audience into a paper bag.

Mike Taggert couldn’t be with us tonight because he was with his father in the hospital. However he was able to demonstrate his magical mental skills over the phone, by naming a card selected by an audience member.

New Members Join IBM Ring 50 at November Meeting

Donna Jean Audi of Alexandria VA, was voted into the Ring. She performs as ‘Sparkplug’ the clown. Magic has always interested her and she wants to make a profession of it. The following have applied for membership in IBM Ring 50 and have membership applications pending with IBM. Upon completion of the HQ IBM membership, and when these magicians attend the next meeting, the members will vote on their acceptance into Ring 50. Peter Zawadzki of Bethesda MD, also known as ‘Zulu Papa’, has been a Yogi Magic Mart student in Baltimore and was inspired by Jeff McBride. Shrive Paul Beck, Arlington VA, has been a student of magic through books and is looking forward to gaining knowledge, advice, and experience through membership in the Ring. To join Ring 50, an applicant must be interested in magic and be (or become) a member of the I.B.M. and Membership applications may be obtained from the IBM web site: http://www.magician.org/. Ring 50 Membership applications may be obtained from the Ring 50 web site: Click here

~ ~ Bob Patterson

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Eric Henning Appears on FOX 5 TV

Ring 50 Past President Eric Henning appeared on the FOX 5 TV Morning News on Tuesday, October 30. During two "Creepy Cribs" segments, he did some close-up magic with host Holly Morris. The video segments are up on the Fox Web site, and you can see them on your browser by clicking here. During one segment, Henning promoted Ring 50 and our Web site.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jamy Ian Swiss Lectures at Ring 50

Jamy Ian Swiss is a gifted sleight-of-hand artist who possesses "a finely tuned sense of the absurd," says the Washington Post. He has appeared along the way in performances from Hollywood's Magic Castle to Caesar's Palace on the Las Vegas Strip to the Ginza District of downtown Tokyo. His greatest passion, though, is sleight-of-hand magic, and there are few practitioners who can match his skill and enthusiasm. With a bravado that reflects his early days performing in biker bars, Jamy blends contemporary comedy with bravura technical mastery to create a truly unique show that appeals to almost any audience. Jamy is a busy and highly regarded writer, Jamy contributes a monthly book review column to Genii, the Conjuror's Magazine; he is the author of 11 books and monographs of magic for magicians.

His three and a half hour lecture for IBM Ring 50 was based on “why” I do things the way I do. He stressed using creativity and that novel wins over the good from the AMATEUR MAGICIAN'S perspective, and that this is why novelty wins magic contests, and why magic contest winners -- like FISM Grand Prix closeup winners -- are consistently terrible. The layman, on the other hand, has a MUCH better idea of what is good, when compared with an amateur magician. He says the great performer demonstrates very little skill and goes for the effect. Jamy says, “sleight of hand is only a small part of the secret – the real secrets have to do with psychology and a carefully constructed, almost theatrical production, with many players, most of whose roles are invisible to the victim.”

Jamy's lecture was packed with practical material from his own working repertoire – filled with real-life information about performance of magic – all delivered in Jamy's powerful, potent and unprecedented style! Including: THE KISS OF THE BIG APPLE - According to Scotty York, long-time confidant of the great Fred Kaps, "This is the final word on the Kaps method for the Card in Matchbox." WISHFUL THINKING - The ultimate Card in Matchbook routine, elements of which have been endorsed and even adopted by Michael Ammar. THE ANIMATED RING - The easiest yet most powerful effect that's been and featured in Jon LeClair's “The Art of Invisible Thread.” His lecture was more than just tricks. It's was a carefully constructed performance, a session with an expert teacher, a riveting motivational experience. This lecture was not merely magic lessons – this lecture was life lessons!
New Members Join IBM Ring 50

The National Capital Ring 50 we voted in two new members at the October meeting. Todd Eisenstadt, Bethesda MD, Todd is a college professor and has performed at charity shows and birthday gigs. Todd is a member of KIDABRA. Michael Wolfson, Alexandria VA. Mike is a Management Analyst with the US Dept of State. He has always loved magic and has performed presentations at the US Dept of State and for friends in the US Army and Peru.

The following have applied for membership in IBM Ring 50 and have membership applications pending with IBM. Upon completion of the HQ IBM membership, and when these magicians attend the next meeting, the members will vote on their acceptance into Ring 50. Donna Jean Audi, Alexandria VA, performs as ‘Sparkplug’ the clown. Magic has always interested her and she wants to make a profession of it. Donna has received her membership into IBM and will be eligible to be voted upon at the next meeting she attends. Shrive Paul Beck, Arlington VA, has been a student of magic through books and is looking forward to gaining knowledge, advice, and experience through membership in the Ring. Peter A. Zawadzki (Zulu Papa), Bethesda MD, has been a Yogi Magic Mart student in Baltimore and was inspired by Jeff McBride.
~ ~ Bob Patterson

Monday, September 17, 2007

Meeting Schedule 2008-2009

August 6…………Brad Ross Lecture
September 3…...Barry Mitchell Lecture

October 1..………History of Magic, Mini Lectures by Members
November 5…….Chris Capehart Lecture
December 3……..Duane Laflin Lecture

January 7………..Children’s Magic
February 4 ……..Magic Teach-in
March 4………..…TBA
April 1 …………....Auction Night, Nominations for Officers
April 17 & 18……Magi-Whirl 2009, Washington DC, Ring 50
May 6……………...Dan Lacey Contest, Election of Officers
June 3……………..Winton Carroll Contest “Most Humorous Magician”
July ………………..No Ring 50 Meeting in July
July 1-4, 2009…… 81st IBM Convention, Nashville, Tennessee

(Subject to Change.)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Steve Hart Gives ‘Hart Attack’ Lecture to Ring 50

There were 65 attendees at Steve Hart's lecture on September 5th. Steve started talking and immediately hooked the audience with ways to inspire by thinking about magic. Then he showed a few items he had modified and others he had invented outright and he got everyone thinking so much they started taking notes. His magic lecture titled, "Hart Attacks" has been a favorite among many magical events and is not only educational but also fun and entertaining.

His lecture was not just card and coin tricks. The “Hart Attacks” lecture was a collection of close-up and standup magic with a comical slant. Included were effects such as the Jardine/Ellis ring routine, Jumbo Comedy Card routine, Poorman’s Bottle Vanish, Headless Rubber Chicken, Thumb tip Blendo routine, warm and fuzzy Sponge Ball routine, and more. He demonstrated how, for a few pennies, to make a vanishing bottle from everyday materials. Steve revealed the secrets to several of the effects he created.

In his younger days he performed straight stand up magic. But the audience seemed to enjoy his some of his comedy routines more. This led him to become a comedy magician. Steve says while you are performing, “listen to your audience to determine your persona.” Steve says, “Magic is very effective if performed with the element of surprise.” People will be impressed and remember when you do magic in their hands.

IBM National Capital Ring 50 Gets New Members

At the September 5th meeting two new members were voted into IBM Ring 50. The new members are: Danny Selnick from Alexandria VA. Danny attended the School of Magic Arts in Bogotá Colombia. Jeff Dionise from Manassas VA. Jeff was a semi-pro performing in nightclubs in the 80s. Todd Eisenstadt has received his membership from IBM and will be voted upon for membership in Ring 50 at the next meeting. Others with pending IBM and Ring 50 memberships are: Michael Wolfson, Donna Audi, and Teresito Malicse.

Wednesday November 7th – New members Perform

The November meeting will include performances by our new members that have joined Ring 50 since September 2006.

Magi-Whirl 2008 – March 28 & 29, 2008

Magi-Whirl 2008 is moving right along with contracts completed for Kenrick ‘ICE’ McDonald, Aldo & Rachel Colombini, Eric Jones, Richard Kaufman, Noland Montgomery, and Rich Bloch as lectures and/or performers. We will have 10 dealers and so far we have a confirmation from Wild Colombini Magic – Aldo & Rachel Colombini, Sorcery with Class – Scott Correll, Guaranteed Magic – Bob Little, E-mmaculate Deceptions - Eric Jones, and Magic Goods – Pravin Ponnuri to participate as a dealers. More updates to follow on our website: http://www.magi-whirl.org/
~ ~ Bob Patterson

Monday, August 27, 2007

Ring 50 Members Converge on MAES

Several members of IBM Ring 50 met at the annual convention of Magician’s Alliance of Eastern States held in Trevose PA on August 23-25, 2007. Those attending from the National Capital Ring 50 were: Wayne Alan, Bob Carnathan, Phil Milstead, Noland Montgomery, Bob Patterson, Tom Paxton, Stan Rosenthal, and Scotty Scafidi. The talent coordinator for the confab was Phil Milstead.

Noland Montgomery performed in the Close-up contest. Noland claimed he use to work in an orange juice factory, but got fired because he could not concentrate. He presented a “street version” of the cups and balls and wrapped up his routine producing two large balls from under the cups and a coconut from a seemingly empty hat. Noland and Bob Carnathan spent lots of time in the dealer room looking over some new merchandise.

Tom Paxton was the high bidder in the auction for some very nice magic equipment including: Hippity-Hop Rabbits, Tipsy Turvy Bottles, and a large Duck Pan, just to name a few. Perhaps Tom will be showing some of these at the “New Members Perform” night in November. Wayne Alan also walked away with some choice magic items from the auction.

Jeff McBride made a surprise visit to the convention and performed his multiplying cards during one of the lectures. Kenrick ‘ICE’ McDonald (Ring 50’s feature magician and lecturer for Magi-Whirl 2008) was on hand and was the emcee for the Close-up Show. The headliner for the MAES Saturday night show was Goldfinger and Dove.

After hearing that Jeff McBride would be on the agenda at next years MAES Convention and would be conducting a Masters Class either before or after the convention, Stan Rosenthal and Scotty Scafidi quickly took an early bird registration form.

Overall this was a very good convention with excellent contestants in the contests, outstanding lectures and performers. Looking forward to next year.
~ ~ Bob Patterson

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Barry’s Magic Shop Is OPEN!!!

Barry’s Magic Shop is now officially open Monday through Friday 11 – 7, Saturday 11 – 6 and the new address is 5544 Nicholson Lane, Rockville, MD 20852. They are above Spas East (sorry, but no elevator), near the intersection of Nicholson Lane and Rockville Pike, just one block north of White Flint Mall across the street from Eatzies and Fortune Star Buffet (Chinese Restaurant). The phone number is the same as before: 301. 933. 0373.

Directions from the 495 Beltway going West, Outer Loop (ie. Coming from College Park going to Silver Spring/Rockville) Get off Beltway Exit # 34 Rt. 355, Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda/Rockville, past Tuckerman Lane, past Strathmore, go one block past White Flint Mall, immediately past Fitzgerald Automall turn right into the driveway just before the Exxon Gas Station. You’ll see signs for Jerry’s Sub. Drive 50 yards and Spas East and Barry’s Magic Shop (2nd Fl) will be directly in front of you. Total length from the beltway just over 1 mile.

Directions from the 495 Beltway going East, Inner Loop (ie. Coming from Tyson’s Corner towards Silver Spring/Rockville)Get off Beltway Exit # 36 Old Georgetown Road/ going towards Rockville. Drive just over one mile, make a right turn on Nicholson Lane. Cross Rockville Pike and make a right into the first driveway past the Exxon Gas Station at the corner. They are above Spas East.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Children’s Show August 1, 2007

Children’s magic was the theme for the August meeting of IBM Ring 50. It was the appropriate time to focus on hocus-pocus for kids with the seventh and final series of Harry Potter books just released. Some of Ring 50’s best children performers were on hand to entertain many children from the Washington DC area. There were 98 attending this spectacular event. Michael Taggert, President of IBM Ring 50, was the Master of Ceremonies for the evening.
Michael Taggert opened the children’s show by blowing bubbles and magically catching a bubble and turning it into a crystal ball. A child assisted him in catching more bubbles and placing them into a box. The bubbles then turned into bubble gum for all the kids in the audience.

Capt Token (aka Louis Hofheimer) opened with his Harry Potter fireball wand followed by a cut and restored rope routine. After he vanished a cane, Capt Token wheeled out a dollhouse. This was rotated and shown on all sides. The audience shouted the magic words “Abracadabra” and a clown doll appeared in the doorway of the dollhouse. Again Capt Token warmed up the audience and they were shouting the magic words and out popped Janie Johnston dressed in a clown costume.

Laurie Curry, in white tails and red boa, showed the children a bouquet of flowerless green stems until her back was turn and then the children saw the flowers bloomed. When she turned around and look at the bouquet it was always flowerless. She repeated this several times until she was able to catch the flowers in bloom. Next a child was given a wand, but to everyone's surprise, the magician still had a wand in her hand! The child put the first wand in the left hand and took the second wand. Again the magi was left with a wand in her hand! She placed this wand under the assistant's arm. The effect was repeated, until the helper can barely hold them all! Laurie next had the help of several children and produced many magic wands for them to use in helping her change a yellow and blue handkerchief into a green handkerchief in her bag.

Lorenzo the Great (Larry Lipman), a past president of Ring 50, displayed a large jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly. Colorful tubes were placed over each jar. After a few magic words he told the kids the peanut butter and jelly changed places. The kids are naturally a bit skeptical... He really got them going by offering to repeat the miracle and return the jars to their original locations before he lifted the covers! The kids started to riot! They were unconvinced to say the least, until Lorenzo lifted off the covers and showed that the change really did happen! Next Larry showed both sides of two pieces of bread and placed them into a brown paper bag. Six-year-old birthday girl, Valentina, held the bag following the PB&J illusion. When the bag was opened inside she found the two pieces of bread had magically transformed into a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich! Then Lorenzo the Great showed two aluminum tubes to be empty. A balloon was blown up inside one of the tubes, filling it up. He gave another one to a child assistant. Lorenzo pushed a large-diameter knitting needle through one of the side holes, then clear through the balloon and out the other side without the balloon breaking! He instructed the child to do the same. When his needle hit the balloon, it popped. Then a few magic words were spoken and the child was able to pierce the balloon without breaking it. After removing the needles, the still-inflated balloon is pulled from the tube and all were passed around for inspection. Larry finished with his rendition of "Birds and Green Worms", his kids show version of professor's nightmare with green ropes.

John Roberts, another past president of Ring 50, performed one of the most amusing and entertaining tricks in magic. He introduced his world famous bunny buddy “Waldo” and performed the world famous rabbit in the hat card revelation. A card is selected and returned to the pack. The magician picked up a black hat and a rabbit popped into view. The cards were shown to the rabbit and he was asked to pick out the selected card. The deck was dropped into the hat. The rabbit tries and tries. Cards flew wildly out of the hat in all directions. The rabbit reappeared with a sign saying he couldn’t fine it. Eventually, the rabbit reappeared with the selected card held between his paws.

Noland Montgomery explained that he was going to attempt to bake a cake by magic and prepared to bake a cake for the birthday girl, Valentina, He magically produced a bakers cap and apron for her to ear while she held a cake pan. Several attempts where to gather the correct ingredients for the magical batter for the cake. They put in some flour, stirred in some sugar. With a flash of fire the pan was covered by the lid and became very hot. So hot it may have ruined the cake because when the lid was removed out jumped a spring snake.

Turley the Magician (Hugh Turley) entertained everyone with the classic bedtime story about the three little pigs with the help of two children. One child wearing a wolf mask and the other wearing a pig’s nose acted their respective parts. Turley began with a plain cloth bag and changed the bag each time to represent the pigs straw house, stick house, and brick house. The children were great actors throughout the magical story.

Closing the evening Children Show was Louis Meyer, Vice President of Ring 50, performed one of the all time kids' show favorites! Louis made his pet rabbit appear. However he had been run thru the wringer and was flat as a pancake! However Mr. Rabbit was easier to carry this way. The magician brought out a box with a crank on the side and rollers in the front and showed the box empty. A young assistant shared with him her magic powers and helped Louis to feed the flat rabbit thru the wringer into the box. They turned the crank and the flat rabbit was fed into the box. Hoping to reverse the process. Upon opening the box, a real live white rabbit appeared. Following the show each of the children in the audience was able to pet the rabbit.
~ ~ Bob Patterson
Magicians Seek Membership in IBM Ring 50
At the August 1st meeting the following applied for membership in IBM Ring 50 and have membership applications pending with IBM. Upon completion of the HQ IBM membership, and when these magicians attend the next meeting, the members will vote on their acceptance into Ring 50. Danny Selnick, Alexandria VA, is a graduate of School of Magic Arts, Bogota Colombia and has performed for Schools, Hospitals, Ophanages, etc in Columbia. He enjoys stage, close-up, and escapology magic. Donna Jean Audi, Alexandria VA, performs as ‘Sparkplug’ the clown. Magic has always interested her and she wants to make a profession of it. Todd Eisenstadt, Bethesda MD, is a college professor and has performed at charity shows and birthday gigs. Todd is a member of KIDABRA.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Ring 50 Members Attend Convention in Reno NV

It was a challenging trip with Southwest Airlines getting to Reno in time for the annual IBM Convention in Reno Nevada, June 26- 30, 2007. After a six-hour delay in Chicago, Bob Patterson and his wife Nancy arrived in Reno in time for the 11:00 PM lecture on Tuesday. Howard (Howie) Schwarzman’s lecture on Dynamic Deceptions was excellent. Howie was recently awarded the title of “Magician of the Year” by Parent Assembly #1 of SAM. His lecture focused mostly on card magic that anyone can do. Reggie Rice was excited about the lecture notes, which contained some interesting tips. Wednesday was probably the busiest day with the stage contest in the morning and many lectures in the afternoon. Thirty-one contestants competed in the stage contest. Stuart Finley made notes on the ones he thought was the best. First place went to Shen Juan from China and second place was Shayna Reed from Ohio. Sterling Dietz won the youth stage contest.

The dealer room was open at various times throughout each the day with a flurry of activity. The thirty-eight dealers had numerous magic items for sale from pocket tricks to large stage items. Late on Wednesday evening 200 people took the bus to Magic Underground in downtown Reno to see Mark and Jinger Kalin’s illusion show. Mark and Jinger presented an outstanding performance with the audience seated nearly on the stage. If you get to Reno anytime, definitely see this show.

Thirty magicians competed for the coveted close-up ‘Gold Cups’ award. The Gold Cup was not awarded, however 1st place went to Dave Minkin. Reggie Rice was amazed how well Dave’s bare handed coin productions and vanishes could not be cleaner - slow and very magical. Nathan Gibson placed second with a coin routine that was very impressive.

Stuart Finley and Bob Patterson attended the Order of Merlin breakfast and enjoyed the guest speaker, John McLaughlin, former Deputy Director of the CIA. He spoke of the similarities between the tradecraft of intelligence and the principles of magic. Magic helped him establish relationships and served as a teaching tool during his 30-year career with the CIA.

All of the evening shows had exceptional performers. Bob and Nancy Patterson shared a table with John and Carol Pye of the United Kingdom for all the evening shows. John is a Past President of the British Ring 25 and is presently Secretary of Ring 25. He is an active performer specializing in Cabaret and Close-up Magic.

The late night Thursday lecture was an evening with Milt Larsen, founder of the Magic Castle. Milt gave a very interesting lecture on his shrine to sorcery in the Hollywood Hills, the Magic Castle and his life. As he lectured his red tie kept growing until it reach the floor. Stuart first met Milt along with Shamada at the Castle in the early 80s. Milt was originally a writer for Bob Barker on the Truth or Consequences show. He has done everything from writing television shows to being the driving force of the Magic Castle. Milt was also the writer for the stage musical Victory Canteen and the creative consultant for Bedknobs and Broomsticks. You can also catch a glimspe of Milt if you watch the old TV series Hart to Hart were he had a small part.

The convention committee knows there is more to life than a double lift or cutting your assistant in half. Our hats off to the committee for an outstanding 2007 convention.
~~ Bob Patterson

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I.B.M. Ring 50

I.B.M. Ring 50

About Me

I.B.M. Ring 50 meets the first Wednesday of each month (except July) at the Holiday Inn I-95 at Telegraph Rd., Alexandria, Virginia. Dinner at 6:30 p.m., Meeting starts at 8 p.m.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Henning appears on live TV

Ring 50 Past President Eric Henning was featured on Wednesday, June 27, 2007, at between 9:15 - 9:25 a.m. on a live cablecast which was seen from Maine to Virginia.

CN8 - The Comcast Network, is featuring port towns from Maine to Virginia this summer as the "Your Morning" show inaugurated its "Waterfront Tour" live from the Annapolis, Maryland City Dock. Henning performed for the crowd from 8 a.m. and did a live interview segment scheduled to air at 9:15 a.m.

Only Comcast Cable TV subscribers from Maine to Virginia saw the program, but Henning will have video at the August meeting for any interested parties.

Comcast CN8 Waterfront Tour link:

For more news, visit http://www.HenningMagic.com/news.html

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Meeting Schedule 2007-08

August 1 -- Children's Show
September 5 -- Steve hart Lecture
October 3 -- Jamy Ian Swiss Lecture
November 7 -- New Members Perform
December 5 -- Holiday Magic

January 2 -- "Ask The Panel" Night
February 6 -- Lecture TBA
March 5 -- Four Corner Teach-In
March 28-29 -- Magi-Whirl 2008
April 2 -- Auction
May 7 -- Dan Lacy Contest
June 4 -- Winton Carroll “Most Humorous Magician” Contest

July -- No meeting - IBM/SAM Joint Convention - See you in Louisville, KY!

Please remember all of this is subject to change.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Winton Carroll Night Brings Out The Magicians With A Unique Bit Of Humor

Fifty-three members and guests attended the June meeting. Jim Flanigan, TVP Washington, DC conducted the installation and oath of office for the new officers for 2007-08: President, Michael Taggert; Vice President, Louis Meyer; Treasure, Bob Patterson; Secretary, Laurie Curry; and Sergeant-at-Arms, Reggie Rice. The Board of Directors are: Dwight Redman, Bill Wells, and Don Freedman.

Three new members were voted into the Ring: Gabriel Brehm, Alexandria VA; Jay Krasnow, Arlington VA; and Terrance Moran, Fairfax Station VA. This meeting was the Winton Carroll Contest Night. A contest to find the magician showing a unique ‘bit of humor’ in his act. There were 9 contestants vying for $100 prize donated by the Emma Carroll the widow of Winton Carroll, “The Magical Major”. This was a comical evening that won’t be forgotten.

Reggie Rice Wins Winton Carroll Award

Reggie Rice entered and produced a bowling ball from his brief case. Through a series of dialog he took a lengthy worded sign and finally created his real story, “Will Do Tricks For Food”. His disappearing coke bottle had the kids amazed. With the help of Becki Wells, Reggie does a paper trick using a roll of toilet paper. Reggie has the crowd laughing as Becky assists him with a "do as I do routine" and much to Reggie's surprise, she was suppose to follow Reggie and eat the paper. Although the crowd sees her stick it in her collar, Reggie doesn't and the audience is howling with laughter as Reggie circles her looking for the paper. After Reggie eats his paper it is pulled from his mouth in an extremely long colorful streamer. Reggie was voted by the audience as the magician showing a unique ‘bit of humor’ and was awarded the $100.

The Legendary Rick Beatty, as Mr. Memory, (in his shorts) had the crowd in stitches when he performed a memory test using a 400-page telephone book. With his back to back with Michelle, a member of the audience, Rick gave her a copy of the phone book and asks her to turn to any page and he will read from his memory what is on that page. This was repeated for several random pages. Unbeknownst to Michelle, Rick is reading from a copy of the phone book not his memory. Michelle is totally amazed until she turns around and discovers that Rick is reading from his own book.

John Roberts showed how a stuffed orangatang that could be thrown like a boomerang, called a boomerang-a-tang, and return to the thrower. Then he did a three ‘Singing Frog Monte’ in which one frog was silent and challenged the audience to keep track of it. Sadly, the silent frog expired but then was revived through the supportive audience members a la tinker bell.

Geoff Weber, (aka Geo) performed a comedy vanish illusion. With the help of the audience, he attempted to convince a volunteer that they had disappeared, when in fact she didn't go anywhere. The audience tried to stifle their laughter long enough to provide convincing gasps of amazement. At the conclusion, Geo confessed that it had all been ruse, because if she had truly vanished the audience would have reacted like this.... with a whisk of a silk sheet; he revealed that the spectator actually vanished.

Noland Montgomery opened with an effect in which he produced a bowling pin from three colored scarves, and then performed a "bill to impossible location" effect involving two spectators, and two borrowed bills. After "accidentally" tearing the two bills into two, the halves of the two bills were made to disappear and reappear in a sealed envelope inside his wallet. The half bills inside the envelope matched the halves retained by their owners.

Jim Flanigan produced his own special presentation of the Mismade Flag to stage a patriotic play about the creation of the first American flag. He cast Bill Wells, a former IBM president, as George Washington. He selected Betty Smith, wife of former Ring 50 President Buddy Smith, to play Betsy Ross. With Jim feeding the cast members their lines, George Washington asked the Philadelphia seamstress, "Oh say do you sew?" "Oh, yes sir," she replied. "From the dawn's early light to the twilight's last gleaming." Jim, after several attempts, finally made a US Flag in the proper colors.

Buggler (Scott McDonald) attempted to mystify the audience with his amazing prowess of ESP to correctly identify four cards randomly chosen from a deck of 52 by four assistants. But alas, things did not go well for Buggler as his attempt to locate the four cards failed and he sent the spectators to their seats and went on to a cut and restored newspaper. After his first cut, to remove the middle of a folded newspaper, his assistant helped to open it up to show the audience the results, the newspaper look like a very large rendition of the eight of diamonds; one of the previously chosen cards! This continued as Buggler cut at the newspaper to create all of four of the previously chosen cards. Alas, Buggler "restored" the faith of the audience in him as a magician by simply cutting up a newspaper.

Glenn Gary gave his impression of David Blaine escaping from a strait jacket to the music of “Saber Dance”. Like David Blaine some of the action was not visible. During his comedy escape routine in which he lost many things including his toupee.

Tim Cannon entertain the kids, by first removing his thumb and then transferring one finger from the right hand to the left hand. Then using Pixie, the birthday girl who turned 29 (again) today, fooled his volunteer, using the skills of his hands, did a funny job of vanishing pieces of paper several times (over the volunteers head).

~~ Bob Patterson

President Receives Award

At the meeting on June 6th, Michael Taggert presented the outgoing president, Dwight Redman with an IBM Past President medal and a beautiful IBM plaque in appreciation for his leadership for 2006-2007. The plaque reads: Presented to Dwight Redman In appreciation for Services as Ring President International Brotherhood Of Magicians National Capital Ring 50, 2006-2007.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Winton Carroll Award

The June 6th meeting will have the Winton Carroll Award for the “Most Humorous Magician”. This is a $100 award given each year for the next 5 years to the magician showing a ‘bit of humor’ in his act. The contest will be held separate from any other contest. The winner is determined by "people's choice", in which each member of the audience has the opportunity to vote for the magician showing the best “bit of humor”. The one with the most votes wins. Ballots will be made up the day before the meeting once all the contestants have applied. Your registration for the contest must be submitted by Tuesday, 5 June to insure your name is on the ballot. Submit your intent to perform to Bob Patterson, Treasurer@ibmring50.org.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Magi-Whirl 2007 Benefits Bishop Ireton High School

Mike Taggert and Dwight Redman presented Kevin Curry and Jessica Seeley of Bishop Ireton High School a large check for $2,210, the school’s share of the Magi-Whirl Gala Show. The Gala show incorporated the best and most original top line performers performing for over 400 patrons. Karen James, IBM TVP Maryland said: " We had the best time, in a long, long time!" Jim Flanigan, IBM TVP Washington DC commented: "I think Magi-Whirl 2007 in general was perhaps the best in my memory--especially the stage show. "
~ ~ Bob Patterson

Noland Montgomery Wins Again!!

Accomplished IBM Ring 50 magicians competed for the 5th annual Dan Lacey Memorial Trophy and the title of Magician of the Year. A bequest from Dan Lacey’s family and his work place help obtain the trophy. Dan was a former Ring 50 president (1999-2000) who was noted for promoting goodwill and fellowship. Judges based their selections on originality, presentation, performance, and entertainment skills. The winner will be performing at Magi-Whirl 2008.

This was a top-notch contest and a very close competition by all contestants.Noland Montgomery was declared the winner and was presented with the Dan Lacey Trophy for his performance. This is the third time Noland has won the title “Magician of the Year” (2004, 2005, and 2007). Noland claimed he use to work in an orange juice factory, but got fired because he could not concentrate. After vanishing a silk, he presented a “street version” of the cups and balls. He wrapped up his routine producing two large balls from under the cups and a coconut from a seemingly empty hat.
The contest included last year’s winner Dwight Redman. He lightened the tone with whimsical and multiple egg productions from an empty egg bag. Finally Dwight placed the egg on the table and magically a dove appeared. Our audience love it.

Arnie Fuoco proceeded to keep the crowd chuckling with his acronyms. He gave CPR to a small rope and using BSEE he ended up with yards of rope. His showed us his CD (Card Diet) for the large King that was place between jumbo cards and was squeeze to normal size. After vanishing and eating several marshmallows he extracted them from his mouth as a long steamer. His lighthearted humor kept us in stitches.

Don Freedman displayed his own originality by demonstrating his “Masters of Fate”. Four members of the audience stood on a different unknown plaques and each of the four people randomly selected a foil wrapped packet from the six offered. As each person’s packet was opened it revealed a colored poker chip. There were three blue and one red. A fifth person had a stack of signs which when revealed matched the amount of blue and red chips selected and those remaining. Next the plaques were turn over by each member and found to match the colored chip they had randomly selected. Was it luck, fate, or pre-determined?

Geoff Weber straight in from the orchard brought us apples and oranges. He explained that you could mix apples and oranges and get a pair. He placed the pairs into boxes held by two spectators. Each getting a pair. One orange remained and was placed in Sam’s box. Invisibly Geoff made the orange fly thru the air into the box Jessica was holding. When the apple and orange pairs were removed it was discovered the orange really did travel from Sam’s box to the one Jessica was holding. Did you see the fruit fly? Next Geoff borrowed a $20 bill, had it marked, made it vanish while a volunteer was holding the silk with the bill in it. The volunteer selected one of the oranges and Geoff cut it open and there was the missing $20 bill.
Jason Goldberg caught the magical groups attention when he put on his cool x-ray glasses. A volunteer selected a card and Jason through a thought process attempted to name the volunteers card. He failed, but when he took off his x-ray glasses, on the inside of the glasses was the selected card. Next he led us through a story line on the metro using linking rings.

Our final act of the evening was Sam Brothers. Sam travels a lot and collects playing cards from around the world. He made a deck of the cards with the backs all different, no two were alike. A spectator was asked to deal the cards face down and stop anytime they wished. At that point a marker card (3S) from another deck was placed face up. The pack was squared up and the spectator again deal cards face down and stopped anytime they wished. Again a marker card (3C) was placed face up. When the cards were fan spread on the table the card facing the marker cards matched the card exactly. When the remaining deck was turned over, all the cards were Jacks. Next Sam had a volunteer shuffle a jumbo deck and the randomly reversed some of the cards. He then made several predictions about the face down cards. All the predictions were true, except one and it was corrected by a note that was found in the card box.
~ ~ Bob Patterson