Thursday, September 07, 2006

New Members Perform at September Meeting

President Dwight Redman opened the meeting and welcomed the guests. Bob Patterson, Treasurer, presented the proposed budget for 2006-07. A lengthy discussion about Magi-Whirl 2007 followed. It was decided that Ring 50 would have Magi-Whirl 2007. The tentative plan is to have it in April 2007 as a two-day event. New member Betty Rexine (photo below with Sam Brothers) was voted in unanimously

New members put on the September program. All were great performers with amazing skills and many new techniques were demonstrated. The 45 members in attendance enjoyed the show.

Bert Udovin opened with an attempt to reveal cards selected by three spectators Upon failure he sent the spectators to their seats and went on to cut three pages from a newspaper, origami style, to reveal the three cards previously chosen. Next he made a card, animal and number predictions on a slate. These were revealed to be those named by the spectators. An audience member shuffled and imaginary deck and named an imaginary card. The real card was found reversed in a real deck.

Bryan McDaniel did a comic grocery store mind reading routine where he correctly predicted the 'thought of' price of a randomly chosen grocery store item, by displaying the bar code. Then Bryan presented an original comedy effect titled, "Practice is Over-rated ~ Instant Magician Course". Using a computer, a layman was able to scroll through the directions within the 'course' and instantly become a magician by spelling out the name of a randomly chosen card and accurately locating its position within the shuffled deck.

Larsen Eisenberg's first effect was his version of Red Hot Momma where a selected card turns into a "negative" after a picture is taken of the deck with an imaginary camera. A second spectator tries to take a picture of their own card, they miss and the first negative is changed into a "double exposure” card. Then Larsen did a Kostya Kimlat effect where a member of the audience is made the magician and finds both a selected card and a thought of card. Then he performed Banacheck's Inivisible Palm Pilot routine from Banacheck's Psi Series DVD's

Mano Mandal began with two equal lengths of rope that changed sizes, changed to 3 ropes, and change to one long rope with a knot flying in the air. He then had two spectators write down information. After some a deep mind reading trance, he was able to identify the items that were written down.

Ashley Taggert had a card selected and placed in spectators pocket. A rubber band was placed around the deck and passed to 8 audience members to take a peek at a card in the deck. Using the Mathematical Algorithmic Geometric Interlanionary Calculus or M-A-G-I-C formula, she revealed the 8 cards viewed by the audience and the card selected by the spectator.

Sam Brothers using the skill of John Bannon's "Origami Poker" had volunteer Betty Rexine shuffle the deck and name her favorite suit. The cards were scattered and mix up with some reversed. When re-assembled by the spectator directions all the cards face up were revealed as the same suit selected by the spectator.

Reggie Rice entered with a bowling bowl production from a briefcase. During his performance he opened up a hot hardbound book and real flames shot out! Reggie with the help of his assistant, Carton Silvestro, built a sign saying ‘Will Do Tricks For Food’. He performed a straitjacket escape in 21 seconds.

Jeff Dionise has submitted his application for membership in Ring 50.

Photos by Larry Lipman
~ ~ Bob Patterson