Thursday, July 27, 2006

Award-Winning Magician Glenn Gary Opens Parlor Magic Show at Historic National Press Club

Sleight of Hand, Close-Up Magic and Charm
Casts Spell on Audience in Intimate Setting

Washington, DC - Glenn Gary, Washington DC's leading magician, announced today that he will perform every Friday night at the National Press Club in a new show called Parlor Magic, starting September 1, 2006.

"This is by far one of the very best close-up magic shows I've ever performed, both for the level of sophistication and mastery required," Gary says. "People won't need to travel to Las Vegas now to see world class magic. They'll be able to see illusions and magic effects that will simply amaze them, right before their eyes, and right here in DC."

The Parlor Magic show harkens back to another age and time a hundred years ago when the rich and famous entertained in the parlors of their homes. With only 40 guests per show at 7 pm and 9 pm, the show takes on an intimate feel of yesteryear. Gary's program includes several signature magic effects, including a floating card box effect which he originated and made famous.

The show is expected to become a must-see event in Washington, DC for individuals and groups visiting the city as well as residents of the greater Washington area. Tickets are available from .

Glenn Gary is considered one the best sleight of hand artists and conjurors practicing today. He has been twice awarded the "Best Manipulation Act" and "Best of Competition" by his peers at The Magician's Alliance of Eastern States. He is the Past President of the Society of American Magicians, Assembly 252, and Past President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, National Capital Ring 50. He resides in a suburb of Washington, DC with his family.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Barry's Magic Shop in today's Washington Post

The Washington Post has written a wonderful  article on Barry's Magic Shop. 
and there is also a video of Barry on

You can also post a comment on the Post's website.


Eric Henning

P.S. You may have to register with to access the article and video. Registration is fast and free.

Friday, July 21, 2006

July 21-22: Alain Nu at the National Theatre DC - FREE!

"Circus of the Mind" in Washington D.C.

The National Theatre is sponsoring Alain Nu to perform in the first annual Capital Fringe Festival. Alain debuts his one-man experience, "Circus of the Mind" in the Helen Hayes Gallery. A FREE evening with Alain Nu that will stretch the boundaries of your mind.

Only TWO shows on TWO nights, totalling only FOUR (4) shows during the week-long Capital Fringe Festival. Showtimes are on Friday, July 21st & Saturday, July 22nd at 6pm and 7:30pm.

Seats are first come first served! Tickets can be picked up from the National’s ticket booth at least a half hour before each show.

Complete info is at Alain Nu's Web site and
the National Theatre site.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Meeting Schedule 2006-7

August 2 -- Children's Show
September 6 -- New Members Perform
October 4 -- Spooky Magic
November 1 -- John Born lecture
December 6 -- Holiday Magic

January 3 -- Ring Magic
February 7 -- Teach a sleight/ move/ false shuffle/ etc.
March 7 -- Mentalism
April 4 -- Auction
May 2 -- Dan Lacy Contest
June 6 -- Winton Carroll Award “Most Humorous Magician”

July -- No meeting - I.B.M. Convention - See you in Reno!

Please remember all of this is subject to change.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Members Attend IBM International Convention

Four members of the National Capital Ring 50 attended the “Greatest Annual Magic Convention on Earth” in Miami Florida June 27 – July 1, 2006. Bob Patterson, Sam Brothers, Reggie Rice and Stuart Finley attended the conclave to exchange and seek new ideas in magic.

Stuart Finley (left) and Bob Patterson waiting for the Aldo Colombini lecture to begin.
Bob and Stuart enjoyed the keynote speaker, Cesareo Pelaez, at the Order of Merlin breakfast. Cesareo, a.k.a. Marco the Magi, is the founder and leader of the long running stage magic show-Le Grand David and His Own Spectacular Magic Company. He had his own magic troupe by the age of fifteen. Cesareo spoke of his experience during his many years of magic. He was recognized by the Academy of Magical Arts as Magician of the Year in 1981. He was voted into the Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame, elected National President of S.A.M. in 1985 and has received its Lifetime Achievement Award. In 1995 he was named the prestigious Milbourne Christopher Foundation’s Illusionist of the Year.

There were 30 magicians participating in close up contest and 31 performers from 7 countries and 10 states competing in the stage contest. Dave Kaplin from Ohio was the “Peoples Choice”. The four evening gala shows were held at the Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts. The theater first opened in 1926 has been totally restored with stunning Moorish architecture, perfect acoustics and simulated night sky complete with rolling clouds. A “Magical Transformation” by David and Dania was an amazing performance. In seven minutes they combined a series of elegant ballroom sequences with at least nine showstopper colorful costume changes.

Reggie Rice (center) discussing techniques with new magic friends.
One of the highlights and junior winner of the talent contest was Eli Portola, a ten-year-old boy with a very professional performance including the Magical production of his sister from seemingly nowhere.

Reggie and Sam shared their techniques and skills to fellow magicians between lectures, performances, and shopping at the many dealer tables. Bob spent a lot of time visiting the many many dealers and purchasing a few magic items. His favorite dealer was Mark Mason from JB Magic. Mark was continuously performing the magical produces that he brought for sale. His British accent and humor was something to be admired. He was like a one-man show all day long. His table always had a gathering of magicians watching his demonstrations and buying several of his products.

Sam Brothers (right) showing an amazing card trick to Joel Dresnick.
We don’t know what went on behind the scenes, but from my point of view it was a very successful convention orchestrated by the convention staff. I believe all attendees experienced a memorable and pleasurable time in Miami. I am looking forward to Reno in 2007.
– Bob Patterson

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Let's Not Lose This Bit Of Magic in Wheaton

As seen in the Washington Post, Sunday, June 18, 2006; B08

For three decades Barry Taylor has enchanted the children and adults who have come through his door, dazzling them with eye-popping card effects and the latest magic tricks and illusions. His captivating smile and warm demeanor have charmed thousands. Barry's Magic Shop, his small, family-owned business in Wheaton, is the only remaining magic shop in the Washington area. Yet it has been threatened with eviction by Montgomery County through the Wheaton Redevelopment Program. The county government reportedly plans to develop a landscaped pedestrian walkway in a location that has only limited foot traffic near Wheaton Plaza.

Barry Taylor and his wife, Susan Kang, have helped magicians grow in their Art for more than 30 years.
Barry's, at 11234 Georgia Ave., is only a short stroll from a Metro stop. It features a full range of classic illusions and up-to-the-minute releases in magic tricks, books, videos and DVDs. The shop has been the last of its kind in the capital region since the closing more than four years ago of the historic Al's Magic Shop, which had been a landmark in downtown Washington since 1936. In recent years Barry's also has maintained an intimate magic theater above the shop that has received extensive praise and recognition.

Barry Taylor and Susie Kang, the proprietors, feel that rents in today's market would make it difficult to relocate. They are excellent professional performers who have entertained audiences throughout the region and across the country. For many years they produced their Psychic Ghost Theatre show above the shop and have allowed magicians to perform there.

Barry's serves not only professional and amateur magicians in this region but also attracts magic practitioners from around the world who visit our area. The shop is a sanctuary for children who are interested in pursuing the magical arts and adults seeking a special way to entertain and amuse their friends.

I worked part time as a salesman at Al's Magic Shop for several years. The veteran owner, Al Cohen, deserved his reputation as the world's greatest magic demonstrator. When his shop closed, there was a great sadness and void among magicians.

There will be again if Barry's Magic Shop closes.

-- James C. Flanigan
is the territorial vice president of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ring 50 Elects New Officers

Dwight Redmanwas installed as the new president of Ring 50 at our June meeting. Dwight credits his role as a father for his interest in magic. He began coaching his sonEric when he was 5, and then was bitten by the magical bug himself. Eric is now 21, a recent college graduate and a top-notch magician.
TVP Jim Flanigan, left, congratulates Dwight Redman as he takes over as Ring 50 leader.

Others installed were Mike Taggert as vice president, Bob Fay continuing as secretary, Bob Patterson returning as treasurer and Geoff Weber staying on as sergeant-at-arms. New directors were Don Freedman, the retiring ring president, and Glenn Gary and James Munton, both former presidents.

IBM Territorial Vice President Jim Flanigan performed a Points of Light candlelight installation ceremony. The evening's program featured acts by the new officers and directors. Using a large sketch pad filled with 125 numbers, Dwight correctly predicted - well almost - a random number chosen by an audience member. A spectator was asked to select a card from one of two decks, one with blue backs, the other with red. The chosen card, an ace of clubs, appeared in the deck held by participant. The same card also was in sealed envelope in Dwight's pocket.

Don provided us with his version of the Deal or No Deal show. He handed out a series of double sealed envelopes to a group of volunteers offering a chance to win a dinner for two at a popular restaurant but he managed to elude any big payoff. One helper did opt out of the selection process and took home a dime instead of a loser's card.

Mike Taggert, who was the emcee of the evening's amazing show, delivered a terrific comedy mentalism act using the colorful face of a genie to reveal a spectator's card with the whole audience's help. He then performed a beautiful lotus bowl water production while pretending to be a bell ringing, chanting guru dressed in a cap and robe. He concluded his segment with a rising card effect using cards selected by two audience members.

The entertainment also included an eye-popping card routine by Bob Fay in which he showed how four jokers from a blue-backed deck could blush. All four jokers' backs turned to red and then the whole deck blushed red.

Geoff began with a fiery pantomime silk routine ending with the production of a black and white streamer. He plucked a red light out of thin air in a D'Lite-ful demonstration of magical manipulation. And he did a slick dancing silk effect.

New officers of Ring 50 pose for official photo after a candlelight installation ceremony. From left to right: Bob Patterson, Bob Fay, Jim Flanigan, Dwight Redman, Mike Taggert, Geoff Weber, Don Freedman and Glenn Gary.
Bob Patterson delivered some old favorites that included the Professor's Nightmare ropes and a colorful 20th Century Silks routine using a P& L change bag. He vanished the silk with a Tommy Windsor popcorn box. He also did a Spelling Bee routine showing a board with seven random letters that turned into the message "Ring 50" when after the letter cards were shuffled by an audience member. He finished by changing three silver CD's into different colors before changing them back to silver.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Area Magicians for Hire

These professional magicians, based in the Washington area,
are listed in alphabetical order.
Please contact them directly to discuss your entertainment needs.

Wayne Alan
America's only World Champion Stage Illusionist,
as seen on national TV and The White House.
Innovative Illusions Inc.
3103 Newcastle Lane, Riva, MD 21140
Phone 410-956-8132 Fax 410-956-0338

Bob Carnathan
Classic Magic for Elegant Events
Bethesda, MD
Phone: 301 469 5030

Stuart Finley
Tel: 703-860-8924

Glenn Gary
The Classical Magic of Glenn Gary
Winner, Clint Reidel Trophy for Best Act of Competition AND
Best Stage Manipulation at Magicians' Alliance of Eastern States
Tel: 703-963-0790

Eric Henning
Magic for Corporate, Private and Community Events
as seen at the National Christmas Tree Lighting!
Tel: (toll-free) 1-800-485-0029

Larry Lipman
"Lorenzo the Great"
Specializing in Magic for Children
Tel: 703-859-8526

Noland Montgomery
Magical Entertainment for All Ages
Tel: 301-572-7743

Eric Redman
As seen on network TV: "Lance Burton's Young Magicians"
"Showtime at The Apollo"
Tel: 301-927-7717 Email: blaq__majik@hotmail.comWeb:

Reggie Rice
"Super MAGIC Man" - Truly a One-Of-A-Kind Entertainer
Tel: 240-298-6077

Michael Taggert
Magician Extraordinaire
"Nominated Best in the 'Burg." Award-winning magic for the whole family, renaissance entertainment, platform and stage performances.
Tel: 540-370-0752

The Prince of Conjuring
Family and Corporate Entertainer - Voted "The Most Humorous Entertainer of the Year"
Tel: 240-988-3441


If you are a performing magician and a current Ring 50 member
and would like to be listed in this section,
please email
Eric Henning
with your information.

Meeting Info

Ring 50 meets the first Wednesday of the month (except July) at

Bishop Ireton High School

201 Cambridge Rd  Alexandria, VA 22301

Click here for a map & directions.

6:00 p.m. Counts of Conjuring (Magic Youth Int'l chapter) meeting.

8:00 p.m. Meeting

All magicians and magic enthusiasts are most welcome!

Ring 50 Officers 2006-7

Dwight Redman - President
Mike Taggert
- Vice President
Bob Fay - Secretary
Bob Patterson
- Treasurer
Geoff Weber - Sergeant-at-Arms
Jim Flanigan - Magi-Gram Editor
Eric Henning - Webmaster

Ring 50 Selects Magician of the Year

Dwight Redman was a repeat winner of the Ring 50 Magician of the Year at our May 3. 2006 meeting. He was awarded the Dan Lacey Memorial Trophy for his performance. Dwight first won the cup three years ago when the competition started.

Tom Lacey, left, son of former Ring 50 President Dan Lacey, presents the Dan Lacey Memorial Trophy to Dwight Redman as the 2006 Magician of the Year.
Dwight's rapport with the audience stood out among his peers as he presented a clever game routine based on the popular Star Trek series. He "transported" a chosen card selected by a spectator into a glass bottle inside a closed set of boxes held by an audience member. He also used jumbo cards to tell his version of the Gemini Twins story.

Dwight's son, Eric Redman, who also is a magician, was a close runner-up in the contest. He concluded his presentation with an eye-popping illusion in which he pulled a long, heavy chain through his body as the links were held at opposite ends by two husky volunteers.

The competition honors the memory of former Ring 50 President Dan Lacey.

Noland Montgomery, who was the winner of the Dan Lacey trophy the previous two years, delivered a slick four-ace routine. Later, with the help of a young lady from the crowd, he kept everyone's attention with a humorous Cut-and-Restored Rope routine.

Arnie Fuoco displayed his originality and creativity by taking several traditional routines one step further. He especially caught the magical group's attention when he ended a Professor's Nightmare (Carver Ropes) effect by actually showing all three ropes, which first were various lengths, all visibly the same length.

Bob Carnathan offered a beautiful Color Changing Silk rhapsody in which he teased his spectators with a closed fist after changing a red fabric to a white one before opening his hand to show the red one was truly gone.

Former Ring 50 President Ken Norris borrowed the jacket of Stuart Finley, who also once led our group, to perform a Knife Through Jacket effect. As Stu walked away, Ken demonstrated his skill as a pickpocket by returning his helper's wallet, watch and other items.

Geoff Webber, with the help of an attractive assistant, poured a variety of drinks from a single chocolate milk carton. The various beverages were passed out to members of the audience. John Roberts, another former Ring 50 leader, did a chain with lock routine. Cristian Vidrascu turned a deck of blank cards into normal ones during a card selection effect.

Jim Flanigan, who is Territorial Vice President of the IBM for the Washington area, was presented with a Lifetime Membership certificate at the meeting by Ring 50 President Don Freedman. Later, Jim served as one of the judges of the Magician of the Year competition.
Ring 50 President Don Freedman (L) presents a Lifetime Membership certificate to Jim Flanigan, who is the IBM's territorial vice president for the Washington area and a longtime newsletter editor of the Ring 50 Magi-Gram.

During the business meeting preceding the show, Dwight Redman was elected president of Ring 50 for the coming year. He will be installed along with other officers at the June meeting.

Sunday, July 09, 2006