Friday, October 24, 2008

Russ Glover, aka "Dr. Chang", Exits Stage Left

Ring 50 Life Member Russ Glover, best-known for his performances as the inimitable and hilarious "Dr. Chang," passed away on October 20 in Valparaiso, Indiana. He was nearly 91. For a full report, please see the November Magi-Gram.

Past International President Bill Wells will perform a Broken Wand Ceremony at the regular Ring 50 meeting on November 5, before the lecture.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Chris Capehart to Lecture at November 5th Meeting

Chris Capehart is an accomplished master magician respected throughout the world by his peers, applauded for his skills by the most famous of magicians and sought after for repeat performances by clients. Chris has done it all. In thirty-five years he has performed on the big stage, lectured to magicians, become a famous, accomplished street performer, created routines and mastered the linking rings. He has been published and imitated throughout the world. His skill at close-up is no less than astonishing. His quick comeback verbal skills sharpened on the streets of New York City have made him an outstanding comedian. At the Abbott's Convention 2002 he was awarded the Senator Crandall Award for Comedy. At the CAM Convention he worked with Jeff McBride. After his performance Jeff McBride said "He is the only magician I've ever seen who can bring down the house with a stock trick." Come to Chris’ lecture and you will find a pleasant blend of detailed instruction and performance-theory, which is guaranteed to inspire you for years to come! The lecture is free to IBM Ring 50 members. Other non member magicians are invited to attend the lecture for a $10 fee.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Children’s Magic Presented at the October Meeting

After a few announcements were made the show began. Jim Flanigan, the evening's opening act, came out sporting a red sponge nose and a tall, colorful hat. He pulled a small white rabbit from the hat followed by a long glittering snake. He finished by producing a six-foot-long yellow No. 2 pencil. He ended by sketching a chosen card picked by a young audience member.

The next act was Ring 50 president, Louis Meyer. He opened his child friendly act with assistance from a very cute girl, Madison. Louis inflated a balloon and asked for her favorite animal. A befuddled Louis tried to make her a penguin however; Louis only knew how to make giraffe. The little girl left with a giraffe. Then Louis inflated a larger balloon and had a magical funhouse machine that he said would transform any balloon into an animal. He turned the crank on the machine and a live dove was produced to the delight to all.

Stunning Laurie Curry was wearing a very colorful red glittery boa and red feather hat. She chose two little girls to assist her with making a black and white handkerchiefs change places in a bag. After some magical assistance from the girls, the handkerchiefs became imprinted with spots and the bag transformed into a darling puppy. Then Laurie did rendition of the Professors Nightmare with a Goldilocks and the three bear’s storyline. She concluded her act with an empty picture frame that little Madison took a magical picture of Laurie that turned out to be a MONEKY!

Next up was a very classy Glenn Gary dressed for dinner. He produced a green cloth and asked one of the older boys in attendance for what sport he would play on a green field. The boy replied "soccer". Glenn produced a small basketball that transformed into a soccer ball. Gary did some fantastic ball manipulations with the soccer ball and made it appear and re-appear several times. Glenn then brought out a small paper bag and claimed this was his pet "ball house". The invisible ball was thrown to the audience and back to Glenn then he caught it in the bag several times to the astonishment of the audience. The ball became visible for a short time until Glenn tossed it back in the bag, folded the bag and put it back in his pocket. Finally, two volunteers John and Michael were called up to the stage to assist with a card trick. The volunteers were called to provide "Pixie Dust" and "Wiffle Dust" to aid the magician in lightening the cards. The cards were "discarded" and Glenn proceeded to baffle all present with an amazing floating card box routine.

Mike Taggart opened with a great Ceramic Lota-Pot with a Tibetan Monk theme. To the amazement of all, water was produced from the previously emptied pot several times with prayer and incantations from the audience. All were stunned when the final load of water was poured in a red cylinder where it defied gravity and changed to red in color! Mike closed with a paper tear with the assistance of a young male volunteer that resulted in a restored napkin as well as a beautiful 20 foot coil of colored paper.

Reggie "SuperMagicMan" Rice began with a very loud, fast, and funny talking recorded introduction. He asked for a young volunteer and Madison responded while Reggie tried to make her vanish behind a small curtain. He then called three boys to the stage and performed a rope through jacket penetration. Finally, he performed a card trick, where he was not the magician but his pet snake Jake was going to find the card selected by his female volunteer. Jake pops out of a basket with sign that says “your card in not in here!” The card was finally produced out of a sealed prediction envelope labeled Jake’s Magic Card.

Jason Goldberg filled in while Reggie took his set down and wowed the audience with a father-son card prediction! He helped the father and son explore the power of their connection by having the son magically locate in a deck the matches of two cards his father held."

Lorenzo the Great (Larry Lipman) told us that magic was in books. He then proceeded to perform a variety of effects he got out of those books. He asked a young man by the name of Solomon to the stage to assist in a cut and restored rope trick. Solomon cut the rope in half and Larry returned the rope to its original condition to the delight of everyone. Next, Brianna was called to the stage to pick a card. Hilarity ensued as the young Brianna was so young that she did not know what a suit was. Larry recovered like a true pro and asked her older brother, John, to assist in making a successful card prediction. The deck was placed behind Larry's back and the card was placed back in the deck. Finally, the card was found reversed in the deck. Larry’s final routine was Barry Mitchell’s "Reach for a Star" production routine complete with musical background and a memorized poem.

Eric Henning performed the Magic Rainbow Silk Production followed by Bruce Kalver's "Shrinking/Growing Head" to the delight of all! He then proceeded to demonstrate how to make a purple silk handkerchief change into a yellow one while making the silks disappear (Patrick Page's "Comedy Color-Changing Silk"). The audience was then wowed by his rendition of Martin Lewis' "Cheap Cup," ending with a full size tennis ball production! Eric closed the show with his own creation, "The World’s Best Birthday Trick," wherein touching patter combined with the beautiful transformation of a soap bubble into a solid sphere.

~ ~ Sam Brothers & Bob Patterson
Photos by Jim Flanigan