Friday, January 04, 2008

"Holiday Party Magic" at January Meeting

Ring 50 members and guests were in a joyful mood for New Year 2008. Performers staged a holiday show at the January meeting that had been postponed from a canceled gathering in December caused by a fast-moving winter storm. John Roberts started the lineup with the assistance of two audience members. He plucked colorful silks from a metal stand and stuffed them into a rolled up tube fashioned from various hued pieces of “gift wrap”. He then asked his assistants to grab a silk from either end of the tube. When they pulled on them, the single silks had blended into a long multi-colored streamer.

Jim Flanigan, sporting a jester’s hat and a red sponge nose, greeted everyone with a “Happy New Year” cheer. With the help of Laurie Curry, he then pulled a white rabbit out of the funny hat followed by a 6-foot-long No. 2 yellow pencil. When his act continued minus the clown outfit, he sketched a card chosen by a young audience member. The hit of the evening was his producing a virtual rainbow fountain of silks from a square circle.

Past President (2003-04) Eric Henning did a "Marked Coin in Nest of Boxes" routine involving a boy, Justice, and a girl, Tesha. Tesha chose a golden dollar coin and each of them marked it with a permanent marker. Eric placed the marked coin into a handkerchief and the boy held the coin through the hank. Eric handed a miniature "Harry Potter" style wand to the girl; he then brought out a locked miniature treasure chest. The girl waved the wand and Eric said the magic spell. After some by-play, the coin vanished from the handkerchief and the boy opened the locked chest to find a smaller box inside, which contained jewels and the marked coin! Eric gave the coin to the boy and the wand to the girl and the audience gave them all a big round of applause.

Arnie Fuoco opened his segment by displaying a framed photograph of himself as a young boy sitting on Santa’s lap. He demonstrated how Santa showed him how to vanish of three Christmas colored handkerchiefs. Only to have them combine and appear as a much larger silk handkerchief showing a picture of Santa. He then introduced Herman the Christmas mouse who ran up and down a magic wand and vanished. The mother mouse, Monique, appeared eating cheese meant for the youngster and took a bow. Finally, Arnie performed an ancient Austrian custom of marriage proposal that occurred during Christmas Eve. He borrowed a bachelor's ring from Sam Brothers. After grinding the ring to powder, he had it magically appear on a sprig of Holly, indicating a future life of marital bliss for the bachelor.
Captain Token (Louis Hofheimer) orchestrated a routine to mark Hanukkah. In order to show how olive oil burned miraculously for eight days, Louis displayed a container from which liquid continued to flow even after the vessel seemed to be empty. He also invited a female assistant up from the audience to help restore a Hanukkah candle which he cut into three pieces. He ended with the aid of Cassandra showing her three cards—two 10s and a jack. One of the cards vanished only to be replaced by another card showing a Hanukkah lamp.

Ring 50 President Mike Taggert was the show emcee. During the evening, he also drew winners for some seasonal gifts including a nest of boxes, a gift pack of salmon, holiday popcorn and a canister of treats.

Shrive Paul Beck, a newcomer to magic, was voted in at the meeting as Ring 50’s newest member.
-- Laurie Curry and Jim Flanigan

Ring 50 Treasurer Collecting Dues for 2008

Ring 50 dues are due in February of each year. The annual dues of $15 are due by the February 6th meeting for all members. Anyone, wishing to do so, can pay their dues at the February 6th meeting. The Ring 50 Treasurer, Bob Patterson, requests that you pay by check, as this eases the record keeping. Make checks payable to IBM Ring 50. Cash will be accepted providing you have the correct change. If you are unable to make the meetings, you can also send a check to his home address at 3450 Wainscott Place, Lake Ridge, VA 22192. Enjoy your Ring activities throughout 2008 by paying your dues now.