Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kyle Peron to Lecture at April 7th Meeting

Peron presents “Encore - Creativity in the Art of Magic!” This lecture and workshop is about learning how to be creative, think creatively and how to apply direct exercises and techniques to allow the members creativity to grow with the magic that they perform. Every single person possesses the ability to be creative. This lecture teaches you techniques and exercises that your members can use to unlock the doors to their own creativity. What makes this lecture so different is that it is not just a long speech where people sit, watch and listen. It is much more than that. Kyle believes that the power of learning anything is in the act of doing. That is why “Encore” is both a lecture and hands on workshop experience.

Kyle is both an S.A.M and I.B.M local Stage Contest Winner numerous times, SAM National Contest Judge, and respected Performer. He is an author of over 135 articles (and numerous books) in relation to various aspects of the performance and presentation of magic. He is acclaimed Graphic Designer, Illustrator and an expert on Logotype Design. He is a Mentor, SYM leader and recipient of the Charles Hopkins Award for Magical Excellence. Peron is highly skilled in the areas of Children¹s magic and Open-Air performances.

The lecture is free to paid-up Ring 50 members, all other magicians $10 at the door.

May 5th – Dan Lacey Contest
Sharpen up your skills for the annual Dan Lacey “Washington DC Magician of the Year” contest. The contest is open to all paid up Ring 50 members. If you want to compete in the contest contact Louis Meyer, 703-765-1923 or email: Potential candidates will perform a magic act lasting no longer than eight minutes and will be judged by a panel of four judges. The winner will be awarded a traveling trophy and will perform at the Gala Show for Magi-Whirl 2011.

Ring 50 Treasurer Collecting Dues for 2010
Ring 50 annual dues of $15 for 2010 were due in February. Anyone, wishing to do so, can pay their dues at the April 7th meeting. The Ring 50 Treasurer, Bob Patterson, requests that you pay by check, as this eases the record keeping. Make checks payable to IBM Ring 50. Cash will be accepted providing you have the correct change ($15). If you are unable to make the meetings, you can also send a check to his home address at 3450 Wainscott Place, Lake Ridge, VA 22192-5362. Enjoy your Ring activities throughout 2010 by paying your dues now.

Ring 50 Magic Youth International Meeting
"The Counts of Conjuring"

Don’t forget to encourage a youth to attend the Ring 50 MYI. The youth meeting starts at 6:00 pm at the Holiday Inn in Alexandria. The Youth Ring is open for children ages 7-17. Please let Louis know if you are bringing any youths so that we can be better prepared for them. A Magic Youth International Ring will offer a fun, interactive, and safe environment for the young magicians. We have averaged about 5 kids per meeting but we would love to build that up.
- Bob Patterson

Monday, March 15, 2010

Going, going GONE to the Highest Bidder!

The March 3rd meeting was the annual auction for Ring 50 members. Forty-nine members and guests attended the auction with 37 registered bidders. Auctioneers Dick Christian and Wayne Alan did a fantastic job demonstrating the live auction items and coaxing out the best dollar. Overall lucky bidders bought some great magic equipment, publications and videos.

An eight volume set of “The Tarbell Course in Magic” drew very active bidding but Danny Selnick gave the final bid of $120 and walked away with them. A break-apart wood wrist chopper was another piece of magic that drew a lot of bids but was won for only $115 by Theo Rushin. After escalating bids, Tom Bohacek succeeded in winning Richard Sander’s “Interlace: The Borrowed Ring on Shoelace Miracle” for $45. Larry Lipman walked away with a Crystal Silk Cylinder, another great buy. Avi Littky took home Nails Thru Arm Illusion.

Altogether, it was a very busy night with a total of 183 items being sold, of which 32 items were bought in the live auction and 151 magic items sold in the silent auction. Ring 50 collected $207.20 as 10% of the total auction sales and donations. The auction tabulators were Rucj Uffelman, Danny Selnick and Ring President Louis Meyer, led by Treasurer Bob Patterson. - Bob Patterson

March Magi-Gram is here!

You can view it, download and print it here. Thanks to Bob Patterson for his hard work on this!

Friday, March 05, 2010

New Magi-Whirl Website!

Thanks to Theo Rushin, the Magi-Whirl Website has a new look! The location is the same, at Based on member comments, we've made the site cleaner and easier to read, the navigation simpler and easier to use. We are maintaining the old blog site as a blog for updates.

On the new site, you can see the lineup, get background on the performers and lecturers, buy show tickets (so can your friends!), register for the convention (so can your magic friends!), see the schedule, the dealers and travel and lodging info (for out-of-town friends).

Please email any suggestions to Webmaster Eric Henning.