Friday, November 09, 2007

New Members Perform at the November Meeting

Vice President Louis Meyer opened the meeting and welcomed the guests. New members in the past year put on the November program. All were great performers with amazing skills and many new techniques were demonstrated. The 35 members in attendance enjoyed the show.

Jeff Sobel started off with displaying his new adult version of the coloring book (gag), then did a bit of “knotty” work – a short rope routine. After hypnotizing the rope (and the audience) to follow his directions, he showed the practical side of rope magic before performing a linking ring routine with only 1 ring and a rope.

Terry Moran did a paper toss to choose volunteers and then added their imaginary pocket change to match a reveal on the papers held by the volunteers. Terry then did an infamous mentalist experiment "reading the mind of the unborn child" using a women form the audience. The unborn child, after a bit of by play, named the selected card.

Danny Selnick explained how a deck of cards and the calendar are parallel. He had a spectator select a card from the deck and then ask the spectator for any date in his life that was memorable. When turning the pages in his Day Timer to the memorable date, there was the selected card.

Donna Audi showed an empty bottle and magically filled it. She then poured the contents into cups held by three spectators. This was followed by catching imaginary balls thrown by the audience into a paper bag.

Mike Taggert couldn’t be with us tonight because he was with his father in the hospital. However he was able to demonstrate his magical mental skills over the phone, by naming a card selected by an audience member.

New Members Join IBM Ring 50 at November Meeting

Donna Jean Audi of Alexandria VA, was voted into the Ring. She performs as ‘Sparkplug’ the clown. Magic has always interested her and she wants to make a profession of it. The following have applied for membership in IBM Ring 50 and have membership applications pending with IBM. Upon completion of the HQ IBM membership, and when these magicians attend the next meeting, the members will vote on their acceptance into Ring 50. Peter Zawadzki of Bethesda MD, also known as ‘Zulu Papa’, has been a Yogi Magic Mart student in Baltimore and was inspired by Jeff McBride. Shrive Paul Beck, Arlington VA, has been a student of magic through books and is looking forward to gaining knowledge, advice, and experience through membership in the Ring. To join Ring 50, an applicant must be interested in magic and be (or become) a member of the I.B.M. and Membership applications may be obtained from the IBM web site: Ring 50 Membership applications may be obtained from the Ring 50 web site: Click here

~ ~ Bob Patterson

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Eric Henning Appears on FOX 5 TV

Ring 50 Past President Eric Henning appeared on the FOX 5 TV Morning News on Tuesday, October 30. During two "Creepy Cribs" segments, he did some close-up magic with host Holly Morris. The video segments are up on the Fox Web site, and you can see them on your browser by clicking here. During one segment, Henning promoted Ring 50 and our Web site.