Saturday, August 26, 2006

Join Ring 50!

The International Brotherhood of Magicians, a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the art of magic, was founded in 1922 as a correspondence club among three magicians, one of whom lived in Canada, thereby giving the club its international flavor.

Its monthly publication, "The Linking Ring," originated as a mimeographed newsletter. Today it is the most widely read magic magazine in the world, sent to some 11,000 members in more than 35 countries.

The annual I.B.M. Convention is a showcase for the world's finest magicians.

For a printable membership application for the I.B.M., click here.

I.B.M. Ring 50, The National Capital Ring, is a local chapter of the I.B.M. It was organized in 1947 and has held monthly meetings ever since. The Ring has approximately 100 members ranging from novices to professional performers who create, publish, sell and perform close-up, table, cabaret and stage magic.

To join Ring 50, an applicant must be interested in magic and be (or become) a member of the I.B.M.

Why Join Ring 50?

1. Fellowship - Ring 50 is a place where you can get together with others who share your passion for our Art. You'll be encouraged and stay in touch with the latest developements of the craft. You'll see magic performed in widely different styles - and you'll have fun!

2. Learning - Our more experienced members are generous in sharing their knowledge, and some things are learned best from teacher to student, not from books or videos. Ring 50 provides a place for hands-on learning. Ring 50 also brings top magicians from around the country and the world to lecture -
lectures that are free to members.

3. Growing - In a very real sense, your local Ring provides a place to be bad so you can become good. We've all seen performers who give magic a bad name by performing in public (even for money!) before they are ready. Ring 50's "Open Mike" nights offer you the opportunity to get help and advice on that new routine before the public sees it.

4. Community Connection - Ring 50 has projects and benefit shows throughout the year that offer you the chance to bring magic to the local community, thereby helping you, helping the community and increasing awareness and interest in magic.

5. Giving Back - As a more experienced magician, you may have benefited from a mentor or teacher. Now you have a chance to give back. As magic shops close, younger magi have fewer mentors - and you can help mold the next generation of magicians.

6. Magi-Whirl - The DC area's ONLY magic convention has already attracted attendees from an 8-state radius. You don't have to drive that far - it's in your backyard!

7. FUN!

How to Join Ring 50
Initial dues are $18.00 for Ring 50 ($3.00 initiation fee plus $15.00 first year Ring dues.) Annual dues of $15.00 thereafter are payable each February.

For a printable Ring 50 membership application form, click here and save the PDF file to your computer. Then print it, complete and sign it, and bring it along with your I.B.M. membership card or acceptance letter from I.B.M. to the next Ring 50 meeting.

IMPORTANT: Dues are due and payable in February of each year. We understand that you might not be able to get to every meeting, so for your convenience, you can also make your dues check payable to "I.B.M. Ring 50" and mail it to:

Bob Patterson, Treasurer
3450 Wainscott Place
Lake Ridge, VA 22192-5263

If you have questions or need more information, please feel free to contact a Ring 50 Officer (see Officers link in right column.)

* Fees and dues of the I.B.M. and/or Ring 50 are subject to change without notice on this Web site.

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