Monday, March 12, 2007

April’s Meeting will have a “Spring Cleaning” Auction

The annual “Spring Cleaning" auction will be held at the meeting on Wednesday, April 4th. It’s sure to provide us with lots of special bargains. You won’t want to miss it.

If you wish to offer any item for the LIVE Auction, you must complete an IBM Ring 50 Auction Inventory Sheet describing the items and any desired reserve bid. Items may be submitted for the SILENT Auction using the IBM Ring 50 Silent Auction Bid Sheet. Forms will be sent out by email in a few days or if you don't have email they are available by contacting Ring 50 Treasurer, Bob Patterson. Please fill this out ahead of time and bring it to the meeting. Forms will be available prior to the meeting. Those selling items should arrive by 6:30 PM to allow the committee time to inventory and assign lot numbers to the items. This will significantly speed up the auction process. His will also allow people to view the items before the auction begins. Come and enjoy the fun.

Mystifying Magic of Mentalism Mysteries

President Dwight Redman opened the meeting and introduced the guests. An update on Magi-Whirl 2007 progress was given and a plea for members to register before the price increase after April 1st. Magi-Whirl chairman still needs a few good volunteers to help with some of the details. Anyone interested should contact Mike Taggert. The annual “Spring Cleaning" auction will be conducted at the meeting on Wednesday, April 4th. It is anticipated that this will provide us with lots of special bargains again. You won’t want to miss it. Two new members we voted into the Ring: Tom Paxton of Columbia, MD and Maziar Namvar of Fairfax, VA. We have received an application for Ring 50 membership from Jeff Sobel of Alexandria, VA. Dwight closed the formal part of the meeting and opened the performance for Mentalism Night.

Arnie Fuoco tested the mentalism capabilities of the audience by offering them a chance to win a large sum of cash. He told the audience that one of five envelopes contained a lot of cash-a BIG BILL. Four audience members selected envelopes and left Arnie with the fifth one. After much byplay it was discovered that the $100 dollar bill was in the one left with Arnie--proving that the audience's mentalism skills weren't on the money that evening. Arnie then had Noland Montgomery certify that a deck of cards was not gimmicked and handed out a large envelope with a prediction inside. Becki Wells was called upon to select one of the cards and when the large envelope was opened the prediction was right on target.

Rucj Uffelman performed Any Card, Any Number that he modified from the lecture by John Born. He then took a newspaper clipping and cut it at a line selected by an audience member. He than had the member pick a word from one of the top three lines. Using mental skills he correctly identified the selected word.

Bob Carnathan demonstrated his mentalism skills. He had a deck of cards shuffled and three spectators each selected a stack of the cards, he then named each of the cards the spectators held.

Noland Montgomery showed a deck of cards that were blank on both the front and back. Faces of cards began to appear one at a time and then the backs appeared. A spectator selected a card from the deck, returned it and the deck was put into a paper bag, which was shaken up. Noland stabbed the bag with a pair of scissors and impaled the chosen card.

Dick Christian passed a wooden box around that had one large die in it. The person with the box was instructed to rotate the die and remember the number on top before passing the box to someone else. While the box was passed to three different people, Dick handed out four thick novels to different spectators. The first person was told to turn to any page. The next person was told to turn to the named page and pick a word in the first line. The third person was asked to turn to any page and the fourth person with a book was told to turn to that page and pick the first long word on the page. Dick then told each person who memorized a number from the die what number they thought of. He then told the two people who picked the words exactly what word they chose. .

~ ~ Bob Patterson

Past Time to Pay Your Annual Dues
Ring 50 dues for the calendar year 2007 were due in February. The annual amount is $15. If you have not paid, contact the Treasurer, Bob Patterson. Don’t delay any further; come prepared to pay at our April 4th meeting. Make checks payable to IBM Ring 50. You can also send a check to his home address at 3450 Wainscott Place, Lake Ridge, VA 22192. If you haven’t done so, please pick up your 2007 membership card at the next meeting.

Magi-Whirl 2007, Washington, D.C.
“The best little convention in the National Capital Area”

Don’t miss International Brotherhood of Magicians, National Capital Ring 50, Magi-Whirl 2007 April 13 & 14, 2007. There will be four lectures, plus two close-up performances, and a Gala evening show. Magi-Whirl is being held at Bishop Ireton High School, 201 Cambridge Rd, Alexandria VA. Only $45 until April 1st. After April 1st it’s $50 for everyone. You can register and pay on our website:

The Saturday night Gala Evening Show includes: The Magic of Krandl & Company, the Amazing Humorist Tim Sonefelt, Magic by Bob Sanders, the Magic of Michael Lair, Magician Extraordinaire Michael Taggert, DC Magician of the Year Dwight Redman, and Magical Master of Ceremonies – Bob Carnathan.
See you there!!!