Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wayne Alan Lecture – April 6th, Wednesday

Wayne Alan introduces his brand new lecture to the magic world. It is called The Secret Formula for Success in Magic-1/3 Talent, 1/3 Publicity and 1/3 Marketing. It is based on a proven show business formula. Alan is a world-class illusionist and the only American to win the prestigious Gold Medal for Grande Illusion at FISM, the World Championships of Magic. Unlike the majority of magic lectures, the business side of magic is not ignored but it is embraced in this presentation. The lecture is packed with strong and funny commercial magic. Some of the features include: ♠ Top 10 things To Do to be a successful magician and develop into a Magical Star; ♥ Top 10 things NOT To Do to be a top successful magician and develop into a Magical Star; ♣ 13 sure fire ways to get great publicity and become a magic celebrity in your area; ♦ 13 commercial close-up, stand-up and stage tricks/routines (including an illusion). The lecture is free to Ring 50 members. All other magicians must pay $10.00 at the door.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Auction Has Something For Everyone

Forty-eight members and guests attended the auction with 37 registered bidders. Auctioneers Dick Christian and Wayne Alan ( photo, right) did a fantastic job demonstrating the live auction items and coaxing out the best dollar. Danny Selnick and Bob Patterson were the accountants, Louis Meyer helped with the bagging the winning bids. Reggie Rice contributed by putting the unsold items in a holding area. The drawback for the evening was there were too many items (142) in the Live Auction and the time ran past 11:00 PM.

Overall the lucky bidders bought some great magic equipment, videos, collectable magic, and publications. In the live auction, Louis Meyer walked away with a great deal on an Abbott’s Botania. Avi Littky was the lucky winner of a Voice Amplifier. Greg Clements acquired a Dancing Cane at a very reasonable price of $30. After some spirited bidding Sylvia Lett was the top winner for a Boy to Rabbit illusion with a bid of $115. Tom Bohacek didn’t go hungry, he won a Peanut Butter and Jelly set. Ed Kaczka was the top bidder and walked off with a Disappearing Cane and Louis Meyer found an appearing cane that he liked. A Deluxe Handle Style Change Bag was another piece of magic that drew a lot of bids but was won by Louis Meyer for only $40.

The Silent Auction had many great deals on magic items. A card effect, a Victorian-styled Box of Destiny, had several bidders with Cassandra Rogers being the winner for $30. A very nice Chick Pan went to Bob Malinchock for $14. Mike Wolfson was the high bidder for a set of cups and balls. Dan Miller was the top silent bidder for a Confusing Crayon with a bid of $13. Karl Keat won a Self-Lighting Light Bulb. Ken Busch was top bidder at $13 for the popular rope effect “Hang ‘em High”. Danny Selnick and Dick Guay battled it out for a Milson-Worth Card Frame, with Dick placing the winning bid of $12. Eric Henning snagged a $40 Shufton's Portal for only $5. Another Silent Auction battle raged on for a 2 inch Crystal Ball with Cassandra Rogers placing the final bid of $13.

Altogether, it was a very busy night with a total of 63 items being sold in the live auction for a total of $1,930 and 101 magic items sold in the silent auction for $676. - Bob Patterson

Photo credit: Eric Henning

March Magi-Gram Newsletter is Here!

Once again, thanks to the nimble cursor of Bob Patterson, we have the Magi-Gram uploaded. To read it, you can click here or visit the link in the right-hand column on this page.