Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dan Lacey Contest at May 6th Meeting

    Sharpen up your skills and compete at the May 6th meeting for the Dan Lacey Memorial Trophy and the title “Magician of the Year”. The winner will receive a rotating trophy, a spot to perform at the 2016 Ring 50 Magi-Whirl Gala show, and a free 2016 convention registration. All paid-up Ring 50 members both new and veteran members can seek the title. A panel of judges will declare the winner. 
    The late Dan Lacey was a president of Ring 50 (1999-2000) who inspired others--especially newcomers to magic—to hone their skills. The contest provides an opportunity to recognize the exceptional magic skills of our members. The contest was started in 2003 to honor the deceased magician. Contact Tom Kee, Ph 540-379-8735 or if you are interested in being in the competition. IBM Ring 50 Dan Lacey Performance Evaluation 
►At least four Judges will use the IBM Ring 50 Performance Evaluation form. 
►There is an eight minute time limit. 
►The Sgt-at-Arms will collect the forms. The points will be totaled by each judge to determine the winner.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Open Magic Night April 1st

    Ring 50 is looking for volunteers to perform Magic that you are working on or just wanting to showcase.  This will serve as talent showcase for whatever Ring 50 magicians want to participate.  Open magic is for the magicians. It’s interesting and fun and it attracts a whole different crowd of performers.  Come and strut your stuff, show us your tricks. This can be the showplace for some of the greatest magicians from around the DC area.

    Please email Tom Kee (Railstop1@ Aol.Com) if you are interested in performing, especially the newer people.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Eric Jones to Lecture at Ring 50

Take a break from the ordinary, and step into a world that blurs the lines between reality and the fantasy.  Eric Jones will amaze by creating miracles with everyday ordinary objects in front of your eyes, often taking place in YOUR HANDS. Be prepared for An Evening of Wonder.

Eric Jones has made quite a name for himself in the world of magic. Armed with cunning sleight of hand and a charming personality, he will astound you with his digital dexterity. When Eric performs, cards fly, coins multiply, and audiences cheer.

An award winning performer, Eric’s magic has been showcased at The World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and NYC’s Monday Night Magic. He has appeared on television in 13 countries 4 continents and has wowed the likes of dozens of celebrities. As an author, creator, lecturer and consultant, Eric fits sharing and teaching some of his pet effects with countless magicians.

The lecture will be held at Bishop Ireton HS, 201 Cambridge Rd, Alexandria, VA. The lecture is free to Ring 50 paid-up members. All other magician may attend the lecture for a $15 fee.

Be sure to register for Magi-Whirl 2015, April 10 and 11, 2015.
See for information. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

February 4th - Pocket Magic Night

The February 4th meeting will be Pocket Magic Night. We want as many members involved as possible performing magic effects you can carry in your pockets. This can be anything as long as it can be carried easily in your pocket. Items like card tricks, coin tricks, thumb tips, balloon magic, silks, rope magic, ninja rings, mentalism, and etc.
Dr. Levin says he has 30 minutes in his wallet. Pocket tricks are usually short so we need as many of you to perform as possible. Contact President Tom Kee to be added to the performance agenda (
What’s in your pocket?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

TLR Reviewers to Perform at January Meeting

    The January 7th meeting will be demonstrations of the latest magic items on the market by our Ring 50 Hocus in Focus Linking Ring reviewers. The TLR associate editor, Jason Goldberg receives a list of new items for his reviewers to review. Then when the items are received, the reviewers examine, tear apart, perform, and evaluate. Many are new items, books, DVDs, and some are revisions or modifications to classic magic effects. This will be a good chance to see a demo of an item you saw advertise and wanted to know more about it.
    We appreciate the time the Hocus in Focus team spends on their reviews. It is not an easy task to critically examine the hard work of others. Ring 50 reviewers are: Jason Goldberg, Tom Bohacek, Sam Brothers, Eric Henning, Dr. Bob Carnathan, Jim Flanigan, Ed Spells, Dr. Arnie Levin, Larry Lipman, Kevin McGuire, Louis Meyer, Noland Montgomery, Bob Patterson, Dwight Redman, Dr. Scotty Scafidi, Danny Selnick, Dave Shepherd, Michael Taggert, Rucj Uffelman, and Bill Wells.
    Reviewers please contact Jason Goldberg if you want to perform an item or items for the January 7th meeting.