Monday, February 20, 2012

MAGI-WHIRL 2012, April 13 & 14

. Here is the convention line-up so far: Lectures: Gustavo Raley, Ken Scott, and George Saterial. We have just added to the Magi-Whirl 2012 Line-Up - The Aldo and Rachel Colombini Farewell Tour. For those who may have seen Aldo and Rachel in a previous lecture in 2011, they have promised to present some new material for the Magi-Whirl 2012 convention attendees.
. Close-Up Performers: Gustavo Raley, Ken Scott, and the Colombini’s.
. Gala Show Performers: Noland Montgomery, Gustavo Raley, Ken Scott, and headliner George Saterial. Watch for updates and other news at: www.Magi-Whirl.Org website.
. We plan on having 10 dealers for the dealer room. You can see and talk to professional magicians and look at new magic items for sale, touch them and see them in action before making a purchase.
. Magi-Whirl is held at Bishop Ireton High School, 201 Cambridge Rd, Alexandria VA. For details go to: www.Magi-Whirl.Org. Come and join the fun and meet new magical friends.
. Registration is available on the Magi-Whirl 2012 website. Sign up on line before March 23rd for $50. After March 23rd the price will be $65 for everyone. http://Magi-Whirl.Org

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