Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Ring 50 President Announces New Meeting Place at May 2nd Meeting

President Danny Selnick opened the meeting with 46 members and guests in attendance. He announced our new meeting place for the June 7th and August 2nd meetings: Agudas Achim Congregation, 2908 Valley Drive, Alexandria VA 22302. New meeting times: THURSDAY. Meeting times are: Counts of Conjuring: 6:15 pm, Teach-in (When Scheduled) 7:05, Regular meeting 7:30 pm, Adjourn 9:30 PM.
New members Linda Barrett and Alec Negri were voted into Ring 50. After other announcements were made, and without further adieu Vice President Kevin McGuire introduced our lecturer for the evening, Geoff Williams.

Geoff Williams Lecture

Geoff Williams presented a lecture to Ring 50 members and guests. Geoff is a full time comedy magic entertainer who is known for cutting edge sleight of hand illusions mixed with an offbeat, zany sense of humor. He covered techniques and ideas for “Sausage Finger Illusion”, Electrical Artlet”, “Miracle Coin Vanish”, “I Hate David Copperfield” Trick, “Kewpie”, “Devastation”, and the popular “Everything's a Radio”. Overall this was a very good lecture and Geoff was an excellent very personal presenter and everyone enjoyed all the effects that he presented.

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