Saturday, May 31, 2014

“Magician of the Year” - Eric Henning

    The May 7th meeting was the event of the year, the competition for the Dan Lacey Memorial Trophy and the title “Magician of the Year”. The late Dan Lacey was a president of Ring 50 (1999-2000) who inspired others--especially newcomers to magic—to hone their skills. The contest provided an opportunity to recognize the exceptional magic skills of our members. Larry Lipman (president 2002-03) established the contest in 2003 to honor the deceased magician. The winner received a rotating trophy and a spot to perform at the 2015 Ring 50 Magi-Whirl and a free convention registration.
    The contestants were: Rick Beatty, Reggie Rice, Stan Hillard, Arnold Fuoco, Dr. Bob Carnathan, Tom Beutner, Eric Henning, and Dwight Redman. After some stellar performances that amazed the Ring 50 members, the panel of judges declared the winner. Eric Henning had the top score!
    Second place went to Reggie Rice with third place Arnold Fuoco adding to the fierce completion. CONGRATULATIONS ERIC!

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