Monday, July 11, 2011

Wayne Houchin Lecture Scheduled for August 3rd

The very creative and inspiring magician Wayne Houchin will be lecturing at the August 3rd meeting. Synthesis Magazine has this to say about Houchin: "The more you pay attention to what he's doing, the more you can't help but think you are watching something extraordinary in the making." He was a consultant on the national television series "Criss Angel: Mindfreak” and agreed to allow a few of his original pieces of magic to be performed on the show and subsequently shot a DVD of his impromptu signed quarter through soda can, Sinful, with Angel. He released the groundbreaking international best selling DVD's Stigmata and Indecent, and is one of the founders for – the groundbreaking new online resource for magicians. Houchin has helped to revolutionize the art of teaching magic on video. Houchin has spent his time developing his own effects and perfecting them in front of audiences across the country.
The lecture is free to paid-up Ring 50 members, all other magicians $15 at the door.

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