Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2010-2011 Officers & Board Sworn into Office

NEW LEADERSArnold Fuoco, third from right, was sworn in as the new president of Ring 50 at the June meeting. Dwight Redman, left, who is the IBM’s Territorial Vice President for the Washington area, performed the installation ceremony. Others seen here are (from far left) Dwight Redman, Board Member; Mike Taggert Board Member, Louis Meyer Board Member, incoming Vice President Danny Selnick, Eric Henning returning as Secretary, Arnold Fuoco, Bob Patterson, returning as treasurer; and Tom Paxton returning sergeant-at-arms.

Sixty-one members and guests attended the June 2 meeting. Dwight Redman, TVP Washington, DC, using the eight points of light, conducted installation and oath of office for the new officers for 2010-2011: President, Arnold Fuoco; Vice President, Danny Selnick; Treasure, Bob Patterson; Secretary, Eric Henning, and Sergeant-at-Arms, Tom Paxton. The Board of Directors are: Sr. Director Dwight Redman, Past President Michael Taggert, and Retiring President Louis Meyer.