Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ring 50 to Launch Magic Youth International Chapter

President of Ring 50, Louis Meyer, is announcing the beginning of our Youth Ring in DC. The first meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn in Alexandria on June 3rd at 6:00pm. The Youth Ring will be open for youths ages 7-17. Every meeting will teach the youth’s magic history, presentation, and a magic trick that they will practice and perform at the meeting. The meetings will run about 90 minutes. Parents can drop the children off or stay for the meeting. Every month we will have a guest magician come and demonstrate the magic trick or the magic history. Please encourage anyone you think would be interested in joining to come. The child members will need to become Junior Members of the IBM then members of our Youth Ring. There are small fees and we will go over that at the first meeting. I can promise you that we, as a club, will offer a fun, interactive, and safe environment for the youths. We will need a few volunteers to help with the meetings. Even if you can only make it to one meeting, that will help. For safety reasons we need more than one adult there, preferably a woman volunteer. But any volunteer will be greatly appreciated. Please email Louis at if you are interested in volunteering or becoming a member of MYI.

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